Main purpose is to achieve closer cooperation on legal matters under a Framework Agreement. HHS-Advocate will continue to maintain close tie with UAE Law Firms, and abroad Law Firms, legal professionals as well, to foster better mutual understanding and greater cooperation in legal matters. HHS-Advocates will monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication and co-ordination mechanism to be established under Framework Agreement and when required.

General Term & Conditions

  1. Potential futures areas for cooperation and interaction will be determined and governed under a Framework Agreement. 
  2. Engaging in any legal project shell be preceded by signing of an Agreement determines obligations of each party, the scope of work and fees.
  3. Form of the relationship between HHS-Advocates and the other associates Law Firms to be determined according to an agreement between them.
  4. These general terms & conditions are often subject to amendments.

Assignment, Acceptance and Scope of Project

  1. Participation in projects or/and assignments shall be according to written agreement between parties thereto.
  2. HHS-Advocates cannot guarantee constant availability of assignments.


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