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HHS-Advocates is open to establish strong ties and collaboration with abroad Law Firms which have no presence in the UAE in all matters regarding UAE’s laws, Business and Investment. HHS-Advocates is willing to create type of mutual cooperation with local Law Firms located in other cities of the UAE and Law Firms within DIFC jurisdiction in addition to In-House Counsel. We belief that cooperation in the legal field helps the exchange of experiences and expertise and allows identification of other legal systems which contribute enrich the knowledge and enhance the legal capacities.


  • Exchange Business, benefits, and experiences.
  • Strength legal ties between Law Firms.
  • Assist in workloads, and more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach us at: Tel: +971 42555496 Mobile: +971 504812157 or
Email: info@hhslawyers.com

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