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Online Payment Policy

1-Terms and Conditions

"HHS Advocates" online transactions using Pay Tabs.

PayTabs is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant payment gateway.

Unless otherwise stated, payments processed through "HHS Advocates" website "www.hhslawyers.com" are in United Arab Emirates Dirhams and/or US Dollars.


All online credit cards transactions performed on "HHS Advocates" website using the Pay Tabs payment gateway are secured payments. The following security measures are applied to these payments:

You may like to read PayTabs’ privacy policy (https://www.paytabs.com/policy).

3-Ways to Pay

For the online payments” HHS Advocates “accepts Credit/Debit Cards Visa and/or MasterCard only and with the bank transfer/wire transfer. The Credit/Debit Cards used for online payment must be presented at the time of paying. If the person whose name appeared on the Credit/Debit Cards is not the client, in that case the client must process the following:

4 - HHS Advocates shall in no event be responsible for any unauthorized use of any Credit/Debit Card. You accept to compensate "HHS Advocates" against any lose and/or damage, direct and indirect, arising due to unauthorized use of Credit/Debit Card on this website.

5 - HHS Advocates is not responsible to your relationship with bank or card issuer, you are advised to be informed about the all charges, terms and conditions with your relationship with bankcard issuer.

6-Cancellations and Refunds

"HHS Advocates" accept cancellation within 7 days from the date of the payment date, and in that case will refund the received amount.

7-Third Party Transaction

HHS Advocates shall under no circumstances be liable for any payments to any, Banks, Credit Cards Companies or any third parties on your behalf. Any complaints or disputes that you have with any third parties including but not limited to any bank, financial institution or card issuer shall be taken by you with the relevant third parties without any recourse to HHS Advocates. You hereby indemnify "HHS Advocates" on full indemnity basis for any and third party claims whatsoever arising.

8-Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This WOPTC herein shall be governed, construed, interpreted and dealt with the laws of United Arab Emirates. The Dubai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try any matter in relation hereto.

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