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Banking Law & Islamic Banking

Banking law is a body of rules to insure integrity of banking transactions. Banks play a vital role in driving the economy by providing various services such as safeguarding, lending money, advising businesses and so on. As a result, there is a requirement for a legislation that can organize and observe these transactions.

Islamic finance is based on the rules of Islamic law called 'Sharia'. Islamic finance is not religious finance rather alternative method to the traditional finance. Islamic finance is where finance is managed with social responsibility as opposed to traditional one which is focusing only on profit. Of course, while making profit, Islamic finance endeavors in the upliftment of society as a whole. Islamic finance is based on the principle of identifying the need of the customer and developing right solutions by appropriate funding technique which is mutually beneficial to the bank and customer.

Number of Islamic finance institutions exist in most of Europeans countries. Particularly the British government is carrying out several legal reforms in order to attract Islamic investments with the aim becoming a global Islamic finance hub. After the global financial crisis, it’s highly felt that there is a need for the Islamic financial and banking system to cure the defects in the global financial system.

HHS.LAWYERS consists of professionals mastered in Islamic finance and would be delighted to offer Sharia-compliant banking advice to individuals and organizations. In faster-growing sector, Islamic finance, when you lack expertise how to manage and deal with, our experts are readily-available to happily assist you. They will guide you to maximize the benefits poised in the industry through their hands-on experience in various sectors.

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