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Construction law is a branch of law that deals with matters relating to building construction, engineering and related fields. No doubt that construction law is paramount in a city like Dubai which is globally the fastest growing location for construction development. The skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the planet are proof for that Dubai leads in the construction industry. In the modern world, it's virtually impossible to lead a life without being in touch with some sort of construction means that there is an absolute need for regulation to ensure the construction industries operated efficiently, ethically and safely and preformed to the highest standard.

In a much developed location such as Dubai, even a minor mistake made in the construction process not only can have huge financial loss but it even can lead loss of human lives. As a result, there are very strict laws in place in order to regulate the construction industry and non-compliance would lead to massive penalties for the businesses. There come construction lawyers with their expertise to guide businesses how to comply with legislation from start to end.

At project initiation stage, construction lawyer plays vital role ensuring the parties comply with the government regulation that their rights and responsibilities are accurately set out in the contract. The drafting of construction contract is one of the main tasks perform by a construction lawyer. During project execution stage, the construction lawyer ensures his client’s rights are safeguarded by legal protection in the case of any other parties' violates his client's rights or non-compliance to the contact by the other parties. Essential, the success of any construction project the contract outlines the roles and responsibility of the parties, allocate project risks and set out procedures for avoidance, management and resolution of disputes.

The construction lawyer will help his client to the contract to anticipate everything that might arise during execution stage and thereafter and direct the parties how they should deal with such developments.

HHS.LAWYERS provides extensive range of consulting services that will add the best value to your construction. Based on requirements of your contact, our experts will offer you solutions supported by decades of experience in the industry. Predominantly when it comes to risk factor, our experienced construction lawyers will provide a guarantee for the success of any construction project by minimizing risk.

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