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Trademark Watching Service

Trademark Monitoring Service

A trademark watching service is crucial in keeping an eye on trademark filings from pre-determined jurisdictions across the globe as they may have a negative impact on your brand. The Trademark Watching service of HHS Lawyers will help you assess whether your trade name, trademark (TM), and all other intellectual property (IP)-related assets are being misused within selected jurisdictions. Our expert watch analysts serve the world’s leading firms and corporates, helping them avoid trademark misuse or infringement by third parties. Our comprehensive service protects a company’s intellectual property rights over a trademark.

Carried out by a skilled IP management team, a trademark watch service is necessary after trademark registration as it allows you to remain vigilant on potential market dangers that may be in conflict with the uniqueness of your intellectual property. In the event that a third party misuses or operates on a similar trademark, our trademark watch specialists will be able to notify you regarding the infringement activity. Take note: threats of infringement must be detected early as they often result to hurt corporate reputations and a considerable loss in business.

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Trademark Watching: Benefits

With the help of superior technology combined with human insight, our trademark watch service will prove to be beneficial for your company in several terms such as:

  • Brand and IP-asset protection – a trademark watching service can help prevent revenue loss from impersonators and knock-offs. Marks that are similar or identical to your original trademark can have a significant impact on your company’s bottomline and reputation. Our trademark watching service will help ensure your company protects its intellectual property rights and prevents others from breaching said rights;
  • Monitor competition – you’ll be able to keep a close eye over competitors, monitoring the new sectors and industries they’re entering. The information is useful in adjusting your business strategies accordingly;

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Expert Trademark Watch Analysts

We at HHS Lawyers utilize the expertise of our IT/tech experts and the in-depth knowledge of our IP watch specialists for monitoring possible infringements of your company’s trademark. Moreover, our team of IP experts can provide you with thorough search reports after every assessment of global databases. Expect to receive quality reports with minimum turnaround time.

It’s important for you to know that trademark authorities won’t notify IP owners if third parties file applications that may be in violation to exclusive rights. For your trademark, you are the owner, making you solely responsible for the protection of your rights. Let us do it on your behalf. Our Trademark Watch offering will safeguard your trademark’s power with expert watching and help ensure you maintain strong brand protection strategies.

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