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Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. Corporate governance is primarily concerned with the effective control, business efficacy and accountability of the management of limited liability companies. The rules of corporate governance require the directors to exercise accountability, fairness and transparency in decision making. Listed liability companies employ many numbers of employees and are recipients of huge investments from individuals and institutional investors.

Moreover in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, which was caused by poor corporate governance, it was highly felt that there should be system to monitor internal conduct of the companies. It follows that all governments consider it’s crucial that there should be a system of internal control for all the companies. This is true with regard to UAE business environment as well where the government has taken steps to increase and improve the regulatory framework for corporate governance over recent years. Moreover, good corporate governance in place means that business is conducted effectively and efficiently by upholding high ethical values thus business will be successful.

HHS.LAWYERS would provide corporate governance consultancy in order to improve decision-making process, corporate openness, accountability, internal controls and incentives. Through a right approach to governance, we guide your organization to excel in what you do by mitigating risk and improving performance. With wider exposure to insights of corporate governance, we would be able to help you to build a sustainable business.

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