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Financial Crime

Financial Crime Lawyers in UAE

Any non-violent offense that results in a financial loss is considered as a financial crime. The committed act is by or against a corporation or a person. There are many types of financial crimes that are committed by people all over the world. These crimes affect the economy of a country negatively because of the loss of money due to those acts. The consequences that come with it are not simply a handful but also enormous. Aside from the loss of revenue of the person or organization that a financial crime was acted against, the criminals who committed the crimes will be more empowered, corruption might even boom in the industry and there can be distortion in the economy.

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Types of Financial Crime in the Business Industry


This is basically the act of stealing money or assets from a person that was entrusted to those. This usually happens inside an organization. An example would be when an accountant who is assigned to petty cash and such uses it for personal purposes.

They might not appear often in the news because most businessmen are ashamed of that kind of circumstance that befalls their firms.

Identity Theft

Quite simply, this is the act of using the information of another person to obtain assets or money. An example would be stealing the credit card or bank information of a person to make purchases unbeknownst to the person.

The magnitude of this crime depends on how many times this offense was committed and the amount that was stolen by the criminal.

Credit Card Fraud

This is connected with the above, wherein someone else gets a hold of the information of a person’s credit card in order for him to use it without the owner knowing or finding out about it later than he should.

For this kind of crime to happen, the criminal only needs to have the information not to steal the card itself. The gravity of the penalties ranges from one jurisdiction to another.

Insurance Fraud

It can also be a fraud when a person tries to claim that an accident occurred in order to be granted an insurance benefit or when the person makes inaccurate statements for the sole purpose of having financial gain.

This type of crime also constitutes penalties that range depending on the country where it happens.

Money Laundering

This is a criminal activity wherein the true origin of an illegally obtained money is hidden or concealed to make it look it was from a legitimate source. With this, the person can get away from the criminal act that he has committed.

The name money laundering is simply derived from the act itself because it is an immoral or unclean deed that is laundered or cleaned by the process of concealing it to make it appear as a clean act.

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Financial Crime Investigator in UAE

Financial Crime Investigator in UAE

HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants is one of the leading financial crime investigation firm that have a team of top criminal lawyers in Dubai and criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi. With 10 years of experience, we are able to understand the risks of financial crimes your organizations have faced and we are well proficient in providing bold solutions.

We have developed an in-depth mechanism that provides tools for identifying, assessing, mitigating, managing and monitoring risks. Depending on the type of the industry and size of your organization, we would be able to tailor the solutions that exactly fit your organization. With one of the best criminal lawyers on your side, you can be sure of your financial safety.

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Our HHS Financial Crime Investigator Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Assist legal entities and individuals in a criminal investigation
  • Protect our client interests before public prosecution, police, and courts
  • Investigating corporate fraud and embezzlement
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Assets tracing and recovery
  • International judicial cooperation
  • Liaising with the INTERPOL
  • Advising on global sanction
  • Advising clients on the local and regional financial laws and regulations
  • Defending and representing clients before court and prosecution