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We provide high-quality legal services including Litigation, Advisory, Marriage, International tax disputes, Private notary,

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Successful Cases


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Years of Experience
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Court Marriage & Family Law

Legal assistance for residents and visitors to marry in UAE by the Family Lawyers and to settle family disputes like divorce… More about Court Marriage & Family Law


Labour Law & Ban Removal

Labour and employment law governs and organizes the relation between the employer and the employee defining their … More about Labour Law & Ban Removal


Property Dispute

From an off-plan real estate project dispute to tenancy disputes, we provide assistance in resolving issues … More about Property Dispute


Debt Collection

Debt collection is a procedure to recover the unpaid invoices, bounced cheques, etc., which can be a daunting … More about Debt Collection


Immigration Ban

The actions that are mostly prohibited under the criminal law are those that harm, threaten, or endanger … More about Immigration Ban


Attestation Services

Documents like academic certificates, marriage and birth certificates, and others are attested to be … More about Attestation Services


Private Notary Services

Private Notarization of documents is done so that these can be relied on by the government or companies or anyone … More about Private Notary Services


Legal Drafting

When you seek profundity legal analysis, legal articles, legal research, or draft of memoranda, we create texts that … More about Legal Drafting


Trademark Registration

Servicing businesses and brands in protecting their logos and other trademarks as their intellectual … More about Trademark Registration

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Advocates & Legal Consultants in Dubai from Best Law Firms in Dubai

Here at HHS Lawyers, our legal advocates in Dubai represent clients across several different areas of law, including criminal, commercial, employment, family, insurance claim, medical malpractice litigations, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.

Whether you would like to settle something with your real estate issues or you simply need immigration legal advocates in Dubai, we are here to provide the right services. We are one of the best law firms in UAE and in all of the Emirates in the UAE, giving us an edge among fly-by-night firms.

Excellent Client Care from the Top Law Firms in Dubai

Having seasoned lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE, we can ensure that language will not be much of a barrier nor our accessibility to you. For our attention to be always focused on achieving the best possible results for our clients, we make sure that the legal consultants in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE who’ll represent your legal situation indeed have legal experience in their hands to provide expert assistance and guidance.

We have first-class procedures, communications, and response systems developed and made especially for our clients to ensure that everybody receives high-level advice and effective solutions whenever they’re needed! Call us now

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Why Do Thousands Choose to Hire HHS Lawyer in Dubai?

There are lots of factors that you need to consider as you choose a lawyer in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi. One of the main reasons why thousands of individuals and businesses across the country see us as their number one choice are as follows:

Dubai Lawyers Highest Standard of Service

Being one of the most reputable law firms in UAE, we make sure we do business by putting great focus on providing value to every single one of our clients and the best legal services in the country. We always put the needs of our clients first and this has resulted in the law firm being recognized as the standard in law practice. There are only but a few law firms and Dubai lawyers that are able to demonstrate excellence in different areas such as risk management, case management, and more importantly, client care.

Three Decades of Experience

Established three decades ago, HHS Lawyer in Dubai has made its name as it has lawyers who are experts in their respective fields. We always have an attorney in Dubai or anywhere in UAE that specializes in your area of concern in order for you to get only the best legal solutions and your desired result.

Highly Regarded in the Industry and By Clients

We're fortunate to receive worldwide and local recognition in our law practice, as well as great recommendations from our clients, most especially for our business lawyers. The reason for this is because we place great emphasis and priority on the importance of teamwork. Our flexible legal consultants in Dubai also work with every single client of ours with the same exact level of drive, attention to detail, and passion.

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