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With over 10 years of experience, HHS lawyers build a strong reputation as one of the best law firms in Dubai. Our reputation is built on the range of experience offered by lawyers and staff on the scope of their practical experience. We represent our clients across the areas of the law from criminal and commercial litigation to employment, from family law to insurance claim and from the medical malpractice to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

We at HHS Lawyers pay close attention to our client case and use our long legal experience to achieve the best possible results. Read More

Practice Areas

Criminal Law Dubai

Criminal Law

Financial crime is any non-violent offense that is committed by or against an individual or corporation and results in a financial loss...

Healthcare Legal Advice


Healthcare sector provides services for treatment of the patient by offering medical care or preventive or rehabilitative or palliative or even sometimes...

Banking & Islamic Banking Legal Advice

Banking & Islamic Banking

Banking law is a body of rules to insure integrity of banking transactions. Banks play a vital role in driving the economy by providing various services....




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