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Property Disputes for Tenancy Contracts in Dubai

Real estate market is one of the most important markets in Dubai. Due to recent fluctuations, there has been a tremendous change in laws and policies and an increase in tenant and landlord disputes. People are searching for property dispute lawyers Dubai, UAE to solve disputes.

How to solve a Property Dispute in Dubai

Dubai now has a more mature real estate market after enacting several real estate laws regarding registration (including initial registration), strata, mortgages, escrow accounts and other laws and decrees. These laws clarify the rights and obligations of the real estate market stakeholders. Investors, developers, banks and the land department help them to understand their rights and best practices.

Rent Dispute Settlement Center

The Rent and Dispute Settlement centre have jurisdiction over Dubai tenancy disputes which carry out rental dispute cases related to the leasing of immovable assets.

The Rent and Dispute Settlement Center have no jurisdiction over:

  • long term leases (i.e. for a period exceeding 10 years),
  • Tenancy disputes in free zone areas which already have a court or judicial committee such as within the DIFC.

Any dispute arising between landlord and tenant with regard to rents are referred to Rent and Dispute Settlement Center. The judgments are issued by judges and can be appealed before a Rent and Dispute Settlement Center appeal committee subject to certain conditions.

The Rent and Dispute Settlement Center litigation process is very quick. The Rent and Dispute Settlement Center have a mediation department that aims to resolve settlements between landlords and tenants prior to referring the case to judges.

Breach for Tenancy Contracts

Breach of Contract by the Tenant

 Failure to pay rents

If a tenant breaches a tenancy contract, the first and most common is the failure to pay the rent. All tenancy agreements contain a written provision for the payment of rent.

The tenancy agreement will specify the amount of rent when the rent should be paid, and process to pay the rent. if the tenant fails to pay rent it is a fundamental breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant.

Damage of Property

Damaging the property, harassment of the neighbours, causing a nuisance to the neighbours, or failing to maintain the property.

Illegal activities

If a tenant has been carrying out illegal activities in the property or has been arrested for an offence committed in the property, in these circumstances they have breached the tenancy agreement.

Legal advice should be obtained from property lawyers in Dubai for breach of the tenancy contract.

Breach of Contract by Landlord

Exclusive passes to property

A landlord can breach the tenancy agreement by not allowing the tenant to have possession of the property.

Entry without permission

If the landlord enters the property without permission or without giving any notice, they are preventing the tenant from enjoying the exclusive possession of the property.

Failure to carry out repairs

If the landlord fails to carry out repairs as per tenancy contract this will constitute a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Breach of tenancy contract can lead to a breach of tenancy laws for further assistance contact property lawyers who can give further insights related to tenancy laws.

Termination Notices and Penalties

The landlord has to specify the notice period required by the tenant and any corresponding penalties that will be imposed in case of a breach of the notice clause.

The law is silent on early termination of the lease agreement, so if there is no early termination clause and the tenant wishes to terminate the lease prior to expiration, the tenant can seek a refund of the remaining rent from

Therefore, it is in the tenant’s best interest to include an early termination clause that states how much notice must be given and the penalty, if any.

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Violations by Tenant

Sometimes tenants violate owners’ association, Dubai Municipality or other regulations that may result in a penalty being levied on the owner of the property.

To avoid the landlord paying these fines out of pocket, the lease should clearly state that the tenant will be liable to pay such penalties if not, the fine will be deducted from the security deposit.

There should be a statement reflecting that the tenant acknowledges notice of this policy, and will not challenge it in a judicial proceeding.

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Violations by Landlord

The tenant can sue the landlord for any violations of tenancy laws prescribed in the contract. Such violations include:

Illegal provisions

A residential lease agreement should not contain any provisions that violate state and/or federal laws

Failure to provide Security Deposits

If the landlord failed to provide an itemized statement or the failure to return the unused portion of the security deposit can result in the landlord owing the tenant for monetary damages.

Inadequate Insurance on a Rental Property

A landlord should ensure a property against any lawsuits brought by a tenant. If a tenant is injured because of dangerous conditions or if a landlord illegally evicts a tenant the insurance will cover the cost of litigation and pay damages

Property Lawyer in Dubai

HHS lawyers in Dubai have a tailored in dealing with property disputes and have been dealing with such cases in quite an expert way. Contact us for any legal assistance related to a property dispute.

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Hassan Humaid Al Suwaidi., LL.B. is a Senior Partner in HHS Lawyers. He has 20 years of experience dealing with high-value and complex cases. Frequently featured in local and international legal directories and commended for his ability to attain favorable outcomes for clients, Hassan has been involved in some of the largest legal settlements. A major part of his work is providing expert legal advice on UAE legislation and acting for individuals and businesses during disputes and litigation.