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MOFA Attestation UAE Procedure

Get MOFA Attestation Dubai UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation is a government agency in charge of legalizing the documents from the originating country of an applicant. Attestation services by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the final authority to verify a certificate in UAE. Once MOFA seal is Stamped in the certificate, that certificate can be used for all official purpose in UAE.

What are types of MOFA attestation UAE

  • Inbound MOFA attestation:

According to UAE law, those who are applying for a resident visa or want to stay in UAE for their jobs or applying for a family visa are supposed to get his or her certificate attested from ministry of foreign affairs of the applicant home country.

  • Outbound MOFA attestation

This attestation is for the people who are moving out of UAE who need to get their documents attested in UAE.

Our law firm specializes in MOFA attestation services for both inbound and outbound documents’. You can contact our law firm for attestation services, we can guide you in the complete process of document attestation.

Which documents that can be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Dubai UAE?

  • Educational Certificates- most of the job designations require an attested educational certificate, this is important for work and employment. Most common documents that require attestation are Degree certificate, matriculation certificate, intermediate mark sheet, computer diploma, private diploma, technical diploma, etc.
  • Personal Documents- personal documents like Marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate, etc.
  • Commercial Documents- this kind of attestation is very common especially attestation of MOA, board resolution, Invoice, Registration, MOU, Partnership deed etc.

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What is the Process of MOFA attestation- What are MOFA attestation requirements?

  • For UAE MOFA attestation, all the original documents must be pre-attested by the concerned government departments of the country which issued them, and then by the UAE Embassy situated in that particular country.
  • After the pre attestation by the various government department, a legal verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is done by imprinting the seal and signature by the designated officer or minister. Only then you will be able to use the document for applying for a family visa or for any other purposes.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Dubai UAE is a final procedure of certification because the applicant obtains this certification from MOFA ministry after reaching in the country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides this validation for every certificate attested outside UAE.
  • If the officials of MOFA finds that the document is fake, the applicant will be subjected to face legal consequences in the country. UAE being a strict, rule abiding country punishments can be hard for faking and any other illegal activities.

What is the Purpose of MOFA attestation?

  • To attain an employment visa and labor card in the UAE
  • To pursue higher studies
  • To acquire residence visas
  • To acquire international business opportunities

How long does it take to get attestation of MOFA ?

MOFA Attestation can be done normally within a few days but in case of an emergency, we can get the attestation on the same day.

Which certificates are excluded from MOFA attestation?

There are some documents in original as well as the copies are not attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as these do not fall under the purview of the Ministry:

  • Passports
  • Domicile documents
  • Identity cards
  • Documents related to immovable property

HHS MOFA attestation services in Dubai UAE

HHS lawyers and legal consultants have been involved in MOFA attestation. We can help you with MOFA attestation as it is the final procedure to be done in a certificate and is done after completing other important procedures of pre attestation.

If you are looking for MOFA attestation services contact us we will be glad to assist you.

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