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Bounced Cheques

Cheque Bounce in UAE

Article 599 of UAE Commercial Transactions Law (No 18 of 1993) prohibits cheque issuance unless drawer or individual issuing cheque has sufficient funds with the drawee or bank wherein the drawee may dispose money pursuant to an implicit agreement between two parties. Under the UAE legislation, a criminal offense is established when the drawer/cheque issuer is unable to honor its financial obligations. .

A cheque may also ‘bounce’ or be considered as ‘dishonored’ or ‘returned’ for other reasons such as:

  • A technical error e.g. signatures don’t match with bank or drawee’s previous records
  • Closure of the bank account before cheque encashment
  • Bank receives order from issuer to refrain from making the payment

Bounced Cheques: Consequences in UAE

Bounced cheque Dubai cases are serious legal matters and there are consequences, including jail sentences, travel bans, and fines. The cheque bounce lawyers of HHS Lawyers have an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with bounced check recovery cases in accordance to UAE legislation on Commercial Transactions.

Conviction of cheque issuer

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Cheques Bounced in UAE - Corporate Cheques: who is liable?

For Corporate Cheques: who is liable?

For companies and partnership firms, partners and stakeholders are not held liable when cheques issued are not cleared due to insufficient funds. Criminal liability is borne by the authorized signatory, which is often a co-owner, partner or manager. Private funds of other parties have no bearing as to the cheque’s value; however, the value may be realized through disposal of company assets.

In the event that the cheque bounce is proved to be a direct result of fraud committed by partners or owners, it is likely for a case to be filed against company directors.

If you’ve been wrongfully accused, our qualified lawyers and legal consultants specializing in Commercial Transactions will strive in defending you. Our cheque bounce lawyers can press all efforts in utilizing legal loopholes to mitigate legal situations regardless of whether accusations are true or there’s substantial relevant evidence against you.

At HHS Lawyers, we have a complete understanding on changing UAE legislation, which is supported by the successful handling of thousands of settlements and cases. Our attorneys are committed in staying abreast of new and existing legislation concerning cheques and other financial vehicles. Cases are also presented professionally, intelligently, and successfully.

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