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Insurance Claim Lawyers in UAE

Insurance Lawyers in Dubai

Insurance is a contract between the insurer and the insured under which the insurer shall undertake to compensate the insured or the beneficiary for a loss relating to a particular subject. Functions of insurance include providing protection and certainty, bearing risk collectively and so on.

When there is an agreement between an insurance company and an individual or entity, a contract is represented by a policy. This is where the clauses are all stated about protection and reimbursement against losses that will be given by the insurance company.

Insurance policies have different types as well. There are a lot of policies that can meet what an individual or entity is looking for that will best suit their needs.

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Components of an Insurance Policy

There are things that should be understood by a person about an insurance before getting himself involved in one. It is advisable that you should do a quick research on the internet, or better yet, seek help from an insurance attorney.

There are three components of an insurance policy. These three essential things make up a policy and it should be understood to know that you are choosing the right policy for yourself or for your whole business.


This is basically talking about the price of the policy. It is usually a monthly cost that shall be paid by an individual or an entity. This price basically has its basis on the possible risks that will be encountered by you or your business. A history of a person or a business with regard to the certain thing that factors and relates to what he or it is being insured of can affect the price as well. Someone with a driving record that is not stained with penalties will pay less than someone who pays fines every other week or month. Insurance companies do not have the same prices for the same policies, that is why one should find the right insurance company.


This is basically the amount that an insurance company will cover for a person or business. This limit can be annual, per injury, per loss, etc. When there is a higher limit that is set, there will be a higher price or premium that will be paid.


This is a certain amount that an individual or business pays before a claim is paid by an insurance company. Its purpose is to be a deterrent to a huge number of small claims. Depending on the type of policy or the insurance company itself, deductibles can apply in a varied manner.

It should be noted that when you have high deductibles in your policy, you will usually pay less.

Life insurance attorney and health insurance attorney are often called upon by insurance companies to ensure that the policies are all based on the laws and any questionable claims are checked

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Insurance Lawyers in UAE

Insurance Lawyers in UAE

HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants provides a team of insurance lawyers in Dubai, insurance lawyers in Sharjah and other parts of the UAE to further assist in the country. We advise to the insurance companies in the event of a claim being notified under an insurance policy and assist in the defense of claims brought against insurer professionals. We have long experience in dealing with insurance claim through litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods.

We have a team of lawyers for insurance claims that will not only assist but defend your case. Regardless if you need a home insurance claim attorney or any insurance claim lawyer for some other cases, we can provide the right ones for you.

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Our Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing insurance policies for insurance companies
  • Providing advice and assistance in the formation of insurance companies
  • Advising insurance companies on insurance requirements and claims
  • Representing companies and individuals in an insurance claim
  • Negotiating settlement and representation in arbitration
  • Providing advice for regional companies regarding insurance & compensation
  • Assist individuals in understanding the insurance policy
  • Drafting numerous of medical, automobile, life & property insurance policies