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Corporate Secretarial Services in UAE

HHS Lawyers provides corporate secretarial services in UAE to foreign and local businesses alike. Our regulatory experts provide corporate secretarial services to assist businesses with corporate secretary duties and responsibilities such as preparing the proper documentation of board meeting minutes, full compliance with all legal requirements of appropriate government authorities, and maintenance of corporate records and books.

At present, our team of seasoned lawyers and legal consultants in UAE act as support for hundreds of businesses. The firm serves as the strategic extension of corporations, in charge of corporate secretary requirements, especially safekeeping official seals, board resolutions, and important documents of companies.

Our global company secretarial services

We provide assistance to small and large businesses in UAE for their corporate secretary requirements, which include:

  • Preparation of meeting minutes for meetings of shareholders or board of directors
  • Safekeeping of corporate seals and affixing them on important paperwork and documentation that require official corporate seals
  • Attending to the serving of important company notices
  • Reporting and documentation of constitutional changes, any change to the principal address, increase in investment or capital stock, in the name of the company, and financial year
  • Preparation and filing of reports and applications to government authorities
  • Documentation of share transfers and shares issuance
  • Certification of corporate acts, countersigning of corporate certificates and documents, and making reports/statements which may be requested or required by rules and regulations of government authorities
  • Formation or incorporation of company
  • Registration of company representative office or branch
  • Registering company correspondence or office address
  • Opening of company bank account
  • Assistance on ad hoc basis
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Corporate Secretarial Services for CRS and FATCA Reporting

Corporate Secretarial Services for CRS and FATCA Reporting in the UAE

The Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are two global initiatives that aim to combat tax evasion and promote transparency in the financial sector. The CRS applies to a wide range of financial information, account holders, and financial institutions, while the FATCA targets U.S. taxpayers and entities with offshore accounts. Both CRS and FATCA require annual reporting and withholding of taxes in certain cases.

CRS and FATCA require financial institutions in the UAE to identify, document, and report the financial accounts of certain foreign tax residents to the UAE Ministry of Finance, which will then exchange the information with the relevant tax authorities. CRS and FATCA also impose due diligence and compliance obligations on the financial institutions, as well as penalties for non-compliance.

Corporate secretarial services can help financial institutions in UAE to comply with CRS and FATCA requirements by providing following services:

  • Classification & due diligence of company & its account holders or beneficial owners according to CRS & FATCA rules.
  • Preparation & submission of CRS & FATCA reports to UAE Ministry of Finance or relevant regulatory authority.

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Corporate secretary responsibilities

Corporate secretary responsibilities

A lot of our clients in and out of UAE hire us to handle their corporate secretary responsibilities starting from company formation up to full compliance with local legislation. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities that we help relieve from businesses so they are able to focus more on their core income-generating activities in UAE:

Documenting and scheduling of board meetings

One of the primary duties or responsibilities of a corporate secretarial service in UAE is scheduling board meetings, documenting minutes to every meeting in order to maintain validity and integrity of important business meetings, and complying with all notice requirements for meetings. Apart from the aforementioned, our regulatory experts based in Dubai and across the- UAE help in documenting changes to share capital, as well as resignation and/or election of company directors.

As per the UAE law, companies are required in arranging board meetings for each fiscal year, and making Board of Directors aware prior to schedule meetings. If needed, our legal consultants can also help in organizing the lodging, venue, food, and transportation for the business meetings.

Record keeping

Our team is also often tasked in maintaining books and records of companies. More than a mere timekeeper, we help organize and secure company documentation, which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Registration certificates
  • Board resolutions
  • Records of shares or stocks
  • Transfer books
  • Minutes of board meetings

Requirements for company’s full regulatory compliance


Our corporate secretarial service in UAE can also include inspection during election of directors. The team can be responsible in helping ensure proper conduct is retained during the election through supervising or performing the following:

  • Determination of number of stocks or shares
  • Effect and/or validity of proxies
  • Verifying existence of quorum
  • Addressing questions and issues that are related to the right of each member to vote
  • Tabulation and counting of votes and consents
  • Making announcements of the results from election

Meeting minutes are to describe accurately all decisions that are finalized by the board for business meetings, which means implementation and dissemination have to be executed properties. Here at HHS Lawyers, our corporate secretaries effectively communicate resolutions to concerned parties. Subject to the approval and designation of the board or company administration, we can also act as advisors, giving guidance to the Board on their duties and responsibilities while also offering recommendations for corporate governance.

If you want to know more about corporate secretarial services in UAE continue reading below for Frequently Asked Questions or call us today to book a consultation!

How should I start with a corporate secretarial service in UAE?

To start, acquire a corporate secretarial service in UAE and give experts the responsibility of ensuring integrity of company governance framework, making sure there is efficient administration for the business, full compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements, and organization for the implementation of decisions that are made by the company.

Do corporate secretaries need to be lawyers?

It is not a must for corporate secretaries to be lawyers, but background on knowledge on the local legislation will certainly be a plus. Call us today if you wish to talk to regulatory experts in Dubai and to know more about our corporate secretarial service.