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Collection Services

Debt Collection Dubai, UAE.

Debt Collection is one of the most highly demanding services in UAE for the sake of a company’s reputation and assets. Through our Debt Collection Service, we recover your unpaid invoices, bounced cheques, etc., which can be a daunting and prolonged process. We are experienced in Negotiation, supervision, alliance, and settlement in a cordial way to collect the due amount and handling the cash flow. We can help you not let your debts turn into bad debts.

Claim Collection

For all B2B or B2C and vice versa claims against debtors, we recover your claims with a greater understanding of the reputation our clients have. We act legally and professionally targeting to recover all the claims whilst maintaining the business relationship.

Receivables / Trade Collection

Where it goes out of hands or gets no more possible for businesses outside of any jurisdiction, we provide services to such claimants to help recover all the receivables from their customers against the provided services and goods. In our debt collection agency, expert trade collectors know details of how trade deals work and how receivables have to be recovered. We can also take the matter to courts providing all the legal assistance. With our global access, we can trace and approach debtors for you.

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Industries Covered by HHS Lawyers & Associates for Collecting Debts and Settling Claim disputes

Real Estate & Construction

Our services include, but not limited to,

1. Structure a claim, documented with all costs & financial analysis.
2. Revision, evaluation and analysis of any receivable claims.
3. Analysis of cost against project time extension and delays.

With our global access, we can have the ability to collect your real estate payments for you.

Our legal experts are best at identifying how to trace the defaulters and approach in a professional way to collect missed payments

Contract Claims

We have an expert team that digs deep into the contracts between the parties to help identify any financial obligations. We can assist you with rightful and legal opinion to figure out any claims you have against someone and service to collect the same on your behalf through the right strategy.

We can also help you identify and help in settling any financial obligation against you under any contracts so that you or your business would not have to face any legal actions and to keep good credit scores.

Financial Services (Mortgages, Collateral, Loan, Credit Card & Others)

Our Legal experts are well versed about the Laws and various aspects of business and individual lives. Our Debt Collection team acts in a professional way to represent our clients in a mannered way. Either there is a requirement for a financial receivable collection or someone needs to settle their such obligations with the lenders, we can provide our service to help you resolve it.

Collecting debt is always the priority but we focus to resolve the matters through settlement to help all the parties from facing delayed and expensive court procedures.

Unlike other financial obligations, Mortgage property is under the guarantee of Mortgage provider, still, it sometimes becomes difficult to skip trace a defaulter or where the mortgage provider does not want to compromise B2C or B2B relation.

Our debt collection professionals know what our client needs are. From debt management to settle realistic payments, we can help all stakeholders according to their situation.


Whether there is a need for subrogation or collecting premiums, we can assist your Insurance collections through arbitration and legally satisfying the position of the insurer as assured where needed.

Medical Debt

Medical Debt Collection or settlement is a critical process and there are certain laws in place that protect the rights of the debtor in case of medical debts.

Our debt collection professionals are experienced in handling such cases and can collect or settle debt with guidance for the debtor to help them pay their payables.

Trade and Other Receivables

Almost every business experience trade debt and the ongoing business relation makes the debt collection more difficult.

We identify the reasons for the debt not being paid in a B2B relation and form strategy accordingly to the situation. Our strategy keeps legal actions in such matters as a last resort by recovering debts through soft skills.

Trade and Other Receivables

Almost every business experience trade debt and the ongoing business relation makes the debt collection more difficult.

We identify the reasons for the debt not being paid in a B2B relation and form strategy accordingly to the situation. Our strategy keeps legal actions in such matters as a last resort by recovering debts through soft skills.

Salaries & Wages

We approach for such type of debt collection services by analyzing any contracts in place. It is considerably difficult to claim any debts without a contract in place. Still, our legal teams dig deep to find evidence that can be used to pressurize the debtor for making payments.


Most of the time to collect the overdue receivables from the clients, the telecom services go for dunning. Unless being handled by the professional service providers the dunning process may turn into harassment and can cause back more issues and problems for the claimants. Our debt collectors opt for a professional and legal process involving all soft skills and making sure not to harm the repute of the claimant to recover overdue payments.


Be there an unpaid invoice or claiming your security amounts, we understand the business to business and business to client relationship very well. We can help you get back your rightful money in a very professional way.

We can also help you in settling your overdue payment disputes so that you may not lose on your credit score.

Out of Court Settlement Claims

Be it a Financial obligation between business partners, a family dispute like inheritance claim or alimony for the children and ex-spouse, we are experienced in settlements as the nature of the relationship in such cases is sensitive. That is why we are also experienced to recover any claims against such settlements especially when they are made out of court.


Our Debt and claim collection services and settlement of related disputes include but are not limited to the industries listed above. Feel free to consult with our Collection Services expert at or call: +971 4 2555496 if you are looking for services to help you settle your loans, overdue payments or to receive the same from debtors.

Dubai Debt Recovery Facility Services

Credit Check

Credit reporting is gaining a lot of importance in the region. Be it a business or individual, when it comes to secure a loan or requesting any finances, it is essential to screen the applicant through the credit check. We can not only provide you with the credit reporting of your clients but can also assess it through our legal and expert knowledge to help you in understand through the credit score that how risky or good the investment or giving away a loan may be. We can also assist businesses and individuals in providing expert opinion to analyze their credit score and identify ways to improve it.

Background Check

Along with the credit check, we can provide you with the report on a background check that you may require before hiring an employee for an important position or before renting out your property to a tenant. We investigate both the criminal history and character of a certain individual for you to help make decisions and avoid any potential risks.

Drafting Review

Understanding the complexities of Debt Collection through our experiences, we can help lenders secure their rights by facilitating them with Drafting services for credit agreements or credit facility letters.
We make sure to form a legal document or review an existing one so that it serves the purpose to protect the lawful claims of our client in case the agreement or any part of it is breached.

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Collection Services

Soft Service

This is a primary soft service providing timely series of increasingly urgent reminders about the outstanding debts. It can initiate when the other party fails to meet the deadlines with regard to payments. We’ll pursue them through the hard collection services if they don’t respond.

Hard Service

The unpaid debtor’s account may revert to ‘Hard Collection’ status to retrieve the unpaid amounts after the due date of payment is passed. Initially, we try our best to negotiate in the most cordial manner of settlement to pay the amount to the creditor or risk a collection action with a negative credit report. Our debt collectors in UAE will ensue through recognized manners to take legal action against the debtor for the recovery of the unresolved bad debts.

Skip Tracking

Our team is expert to locate the skipped/absconded defaulters inside and outside UAE and undertake some alert actions. We are resourceful to trace out the debtors with the help of our database and overseas affiliated organizations.

Legal Services

If the reconciliation process ends without any positive results our legal department would take care of the bad debt recovery through litigation process of all stages.

Debt Collector Lawyer In UAE

When to Hire A Debt Collector Lawyer in Dubai UAE:

  • When you are experiencing unusual delays in payments
  • Not getting any formal reply or being avoided by the debtor
  • Start getting negative signs from market
  • Be attentive, don’t wait for the things to get out of control
  • Be proactive while handling debts to manage cash flow
  • Never give extra time to the debtor

If one is experiencing any or all of the above situations, it’s suggested to hire a Dubai Debt recovery agent or receivable collection agent to proceed rationally. The proficient receivable collection services have the expertise to deal with the monetary issues in the most beneficial and conceivable manners to make secure verdicts.

HHS Lawyers Debt Recovery Services

HHS Lawyers Debt Recovery Services

HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants are providing an exclusive blend of business services which are primarily structured to assist in the commercial bad debt recovery.

We are functioning for and on behalf of our Clients throughout the four corners of the world. We are having an experienced team of Multi-lingual, Dedicated, Cost-Conscious and Effective professionals.

Our debt collection agents will be dealing with delinquent customers in the following ways that could ease the stressful experience that customers who have fallen behind on payments go through:

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 Debt Collection

Benefits of Debt Collection Services assistance from HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants:

  • Our network of skilled individuals for global debt recovery utilizes propelled tools to find and contact the debtors in all four corners of the world. We will trace the debtor’s data and consistently correspond with them through written and verbal means.
  • Our debt recovery Dubai agency can deal with the issue proficiently and professionally as we are expert in how to deal with debt defaulters. With our assistance, you can save your time, cash and resources to invest in your imperative business and more vital things.
  • We are well aware of avoiding needless extra & legal charges to recoup unpaid invoices.
  • The chances of getting the debts paid will increase when you involve professional receivable collection services in the process. Most debtors don’t want to get into legal inconvenience.

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