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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Criminal Lawyers in UAE

Crimes under UAE Penal Code with provisions of Sharia Islamic Law are divided into categories: felonies, which are the most serious; violations or contraventions, and misdemeanors. Punishments include fines, penalties, custody, confinement, Diyat (financial compensation to heirs of victim or the victim), temporary or life imprisonment, and death penalty.

At HHS Lawyers, we provide expert legal advice and representation to individuals and organizations under criminal investigation or considering of pursuing a perpetrator. With decades of legal experience, the firm has successfully handled numerous criminal cases and represented in behalf of clients on police stations, UAE Courts of First Instance, Courts of Cassation, Courts of Appeal, and the UAE Federal Supreme Court.

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE

Types of Cases Our Criminal Defense Lawyers and Legal Consultants Cover:

Financial Crime

Our experts have provided legal assistance to clients under investigation for financial crimes, including money laundering, loan and/or credit card fraud, unlawful use of financial instruments and property, bribery, and corruption.These grave offenses are often committed for personal financial gains or due to lack of information or deception by a third party. The firm also offers consultancy services for financial crime prevention, including whistleblowing, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and bribery, and financial crime risk assessment.

Drug Crimes

The use of banned or controlled medicinal substances is illegal in the UAE. Countless individuals with just a trace ofillegal drugs in their system were sent to Punitive and Correctional Institutions; mostly due to lack of legal representation. Several OTC and prescribed drugs that are legal in other countries are classified as illegal substances in the UAE.

Our criminal lawyers can offer representation in all drug-related crimes such as:

  • Personal consumption
  • Drug possession
  • Drug dealing and
  • Drug trafficking

Violent Crimes

It can be difficult to acquire reliable legal representation for violent crime cases with the country’s low violent crime rates. Fortunately, our seasoned professionals are some of the few who can analyze cases, offer expert advisory, and prepare defense strategies accordingly. The firm has qualified criminal lawyers who handle cases with vigor and great tenacity.

Our experts’ previous cases that classify as violent crimes include:

  • Manslaughter (vehicular, intentional or unintentional)
  • Assault
  • Homicide and
  • Kidnapping

Theft Crimes

We defend and advise on all types of charges related to theft crime in the UAE, including simple theft and aggravated theft. The former, stealing without forgoing circumstances, results only to a misdemeanor charge with our legal advisory; however, convicted aggravated theft or armed robbery may result to fines, probation, and/or imprisonment without appropriate legal representation.

Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes have serious punishments, including deportation (for expats), fines, imprisonment, and even death penalty. Considering the severity of the punishments, the firm offers the expertise of experienced criminal attorneys in defending charges of unwanted sexual behavior.

Juvenile Crimes

Minors are prone to making bad decisions, which is why we here at HHS Lawyers provide clients the expertise of qualified and experienced attorneys in getting a good understanding of juvenile crime cases. Our experts believe children deserve second chances. We always aim towards complete case dismissal for juvenile crimes.

Cyber crimes

In the UAE, banking fraud, hacking, sharing objectionable content online, credit card fraud, and identity theft are considered as cyber crimes and are punishable by law. Our criminal defense lawyers are up-to-date with technological advancements, including recent amendments to Cyber Crime legislation to provide clients reliable legal aid.

Financial Crime

HHS Criminal Defense Lawyers Services

If you or a loved one is a suspect of a crime, asked to attend interrogation at any police station, or charged with a felony or criminal offence, contact HHS lawyers. We’ll assist you in the best way possible by gathering information for thorough assessment of your case, the provision of a strategic approach in handling the case, and offering representation from arraignment to trial. Call us today to talk to our criminal lawyers.

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