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Attestation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE

List of Documents Attestation and True Copy Services by Regulated Lawyers:

SelectPersonal Documents / ServicesProcedure Type Fees in AED
Marriage certificate attestationTrue Copy350
Death certificates attestationTrue Copy350
Attestation of divorce certificatesTrue Copy350
Attestation of passport copyTrue Copy350
Attestation of power of attorney (for abroad usage only)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of degreeTrue Copy350
Attestation of school certificates and school recordsTrue Copy350
Attestation of educational certificateTrue Copy350
Diploma certificate AttestationTrue Copy350
Graduate diploma certificate AttestationTrue Copy350
Graduate certificate attestationTrue Copy350
Advanced diploma certificate AttestationTrue Copy350
Doctoral degree certificate attestationTrue Copy350
Attestation of Commercial / Mutual agreementsAttestation / Affidavit1050
Medical certificate AttestationTrue Copy350
Attestation of Police clearancesTrue Copy350
Attestation Consent letter for children to travel overseasAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of overseas travel permission for minorsAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Social securityTrue Copy350
Attestation of Mark listTrue Copy350
Attestation of Sponsorship declarationAttestation / Affidavit1050
Gift deed attestationAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Undertaking expenses for studiesAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Driving licenseTrue Copy350
Attestation of Housemaid “no relationship” affidavitAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Certificate of good standingAttestation / Affidavit1050
Nativity certificates AttestationTrue Copy350
Attestation of Last will and testament (Will Drafting Services is available)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Grants of probate (Will Drafting Services is available)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Bankruptcy documentsTrue Copy350
Attestation of Pet travel scheme documentsAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Certificate of no-impedimentAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Civil partnershipsTrue Copy350
Attestation – Social security administration lettersAttestation / Affidavit1050
SelectCorporate Documents / ServicesProcedure Type Fees in AED
Commercial power of attorney Attestation (for abroad use only)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Commercial invoice AttestationAttestation / Affidavit1050
Certificate of origin AttestationAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Certificate of incorporation (for abroad use only)True Copy350
Board of resolution certificate Attestation (for abroad use only)True Copy350
Memorandum of association Attestation (for incorporated out of UAE onlyTrue Copy350
Articles of association (for incorporated out of UAE only)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of statement of capitalAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of annual returnAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of ISO certificateTrue Copy350
Direction identification number (DIN) / trade documents (sales deeds / MOU / agreements)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of Bill of ladingTrue Copy350
Attestation of certificate of originTrue Copy350
Attestation of commercial invoiceTrue Copy350
Attestation of Export licenseTrue Copy350
Attestation of Free sale certificateTrue Copy350
Attestation of Bank statementsTrue Copy350
Attestation of Export certificatesTrue Copy350
Attestation of Import documentsTrue Copy350
Attestation of certificate of analysisTrue Copy350
Attestation of distributorship agreementsAttestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation of corporate board resolution(s)Attestation / Affidavit1050
Attestation – Appointment of distributor or authorization of agentAttestation / Affidavit1050
*Professional FeesRequirements
Certification of true copy is AED 350 per Document of one page, each additional page AED 20 extra.True copy services:

Original document must be presented along with clear copy

Attestation of a document AED 1,050 for each DocumentAttestation / Affidavit

We need to assess the document, please send us a copy to the following email
Will schedule you for the attestation process

Bring the original documents, your passport, your ID if any

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UAE Attestation Services: What are common documents required ?

Academic Certificates Attestation

Academic certificates or degree certificate or other educational certificates are documents that confirm that you have the level of education that you declare you have to support your claim.

People need education certificate attestation UAE when they have found a job. This is often needed by companies in the UAE who are looking to hire people. Since they do not have the ability to certify that the documents presented to them are indeed true, it, therefore, needs to be authenticated or attested. Degree attestation for UAE quite notable because of the large volume of people who

Marriage Certificate Attestation

This is a document that verifies that a couple is legally bonded and can live under the same roof as per the law of the UAE.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE is usually needed to be done when you have to sponsor your spouse in visiting the country. In processing the sponsorship papers, it can take weeks. Some countries can go for months. In the UAE, when someone wants to be a sponsor, the minimum wage required is AED 4,000.

Birth Certificate Attestation

This is a document that shows the details of a birth of a person. It has the information, like full name, date of birth, time of birth, parents, etc.

Parents need to do a birth certificate attestation for UAE when they would like their child to be sponsored by them. Just like sponsoring a spouse, this can be a long process and might take time.

Death Certificate Attestation

As the opposite of birth certificate, this is a document that states the person’s full name, the location of death, time of death, etc.

The governing authority might ask for an attested death certificate of a person when the latter’s relatives ask for the distribution of the assets and such. Before this can be done, the document should be presented.

Medical Certificate Attestation

This is a document that certifies the true condition of a person made by a medical practitioner. The results of the examinations that the person has undergone are stated there.

This is needed when a couple wishes to get married in the UAE. One of the requirements of the government for a person to be married is to present a medical certificate as an evidence of a health condition.

Certificate Attestation For UAE

There is a general flow of attesting documents if they are issued outside the UAE. Although this does not apply every single certificate attestation in Dubai, the whole idea is below:

The UAE Embassy in your country must attest the documents that you need.

After the UAE Embassy has checked them, it will go through your country’s Department of Foreign Affairs for further examination of legitimacy.

After those steps, the documents will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE. The documents will be reviewed again, and after the MOFA attestation (they have approved of its authenticity), the official stamp of MOFA will be attached.

If you find this quite confusing, there are a lot of organizations in the UAE that offer attestation services, like marriage certificate attestation Dubai and others.

Attestation services in Dubai – Document Attestation for UAE

How HHS Attestation services in Dubai help you in Document Attestation for UAE

HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants has been one of the law firms that offer attestation services in Dubai with quality. We ensure that our guidance and service meet your needs as we lead you through every step of the legalization process. We ensure that our UAE attestation services is reliable, fast, and less costly while being committed to the highest business standards.

We have more than 10 years of experience. We serve clients throughout the Middle East and around the world. We provide consultation and services for you to obtain Government authentication of personal and business documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation), Dubai Courts, Notary Public, and related authorities.

To book a consultation, Please contact us on +971 4 2555496 (Dubai),

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