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Ministry of External Affairs Document Attestation

If you want to relocate to the United Arab Emirates and get residency, you need to furnish a set of documents and go through several procedures. UAE has legal processes in place which are to be followed prior gaining entry into the country and residing in it.

Ministry of external affairs document attestation, also referred to as MEA attestation, is authentication that is done to original documents in order for them to be considered valid in the UAE. MEA attestation is getting certificates checked and verified by the MEA, which is a governmental or authoritative body that’s responsible for the country’s foreign relations.

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Purpose of MEA Document Attestation in UAE

In the thirty years of providing attestation services in the country, our clients come to us for guidance in the attestation of important legal documents. General purposes of MEA certificate attestation are as follows:

  • To obtain higher education from a university in UAE, education certificates are to be attested from the embassy of the issuing country in order to prove the educational level of the certificate holder.
  • For employment or job purposes, there is a need to submit attested education certificates in order to prove the candidate’s educational qualification.
  • For family visa or residence visa purposes, non-educational documents are to be attested such as migration certificates, marriage certificates, etc.
  • For school admission for a child, the birth certificate of the child is to be attested in the destination country and issuing country.
  • For selling properties, there may be a need to undergo attestation for certain documents such as powers of attorney. Estate planning documents also require attestation.
  • For company registration, required corporate documents are to be attested.
  • For getting equivalent certificates

Requirements for MEA Document Attestation in UAE

The required documents for Ministry of External Affairs document attestation include:

  • Passport and visa copy
  • Original document

MEA attestation is among the important steps for document attestation. Document attestation undergoes the verification of several different ministries and departments in order to ensure that certificates are real and genuine and for the UAE government to consider them as valid.

United Arab Emirates is a highly developed region in the Middle East, and it offers vast opportunities for all those who decide to reside, work, study, and operate in the country. The attestation procedures allow you to enjoy the benefits of residing in UAE.

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Trusted Attestation Experts in UAE

Trusted Attestation Experts in UAE

With our team that handles all steps related to the successful completion of document attestation, you are able to provide authenticate documents without going through the hassles associated with the process yourself.

Some of the documents we are able to help you attest are the following:

Educational Certificates

  • Diplomas or degree certificates
  • HSC certificates
  • SSLC certificates

Non-Educational Certificates

  • Experience certificate
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Migration certificate

Commercial Certificates

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Power of attorney
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Invoice
  • Trade license

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Trusted Attestation Experts in UAE

Issued certificates by foreign countries require authentication from the process of attestation in order to make certificates valid in the eyes of the law in UAE. Our attestation team based in Dubai handle the entire process in behalf of clients in order to help them save time and money. Here are the steps that are taken by our experts to verify the authenticity of documents.

Non-Educational Documents

For affidavits, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, and other non-education documents, our team will have them attested by the issuing state or union territory’s state home department. The authentication will be done with the designation seal and name of the department that has proven that documents are genuine.

Educational documents

Educational documents that are to be attested will be taken by our experts to the union territory or state government’s state education department that has jurisdiction over the school, university or any educational institution which issued the certificates. The department’s rubber stamp will be affixed on the documents along with the designation and names of the authorized signatories

Commercial Documents

The documents to be attested will be pre-authenticated by Chambers of Commerce in the issuing country before they can be checked and verified by a Ministry of External Affairs. Similar to the attestation of an educational certificate, a commercial document will be added with the Chamber of Commerce’s rubber stamp as well as the designation and name of the authorized signatories.

MEA or Ministry of External Affairs legalizes or attests documents after they have been verified by signature and seals or stamps of designated authorities. If you require our assistance in processing your documents, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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