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Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

A lawyer who practices corporate law is called a corporate lawyer. Just like every lawyer, corporate or commercial lawyers follow the laws of the land of any jurisdiction they belong to and are also knowledgeable about the rules and regulations in other jurisdictions.

Corporate lawyers in Dubai help businesses in dealing with legal matters that go about in this industry. They are, therefore, knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that apply to businesses.

Also, they do not spend that much time representing people in court and mostly make legal documents and help clients in lending agreements.

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 Skills of HHS’ Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

Skills of HHS Business or Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

Education: Understandably, our Business lawyers have finished an undergraduate degree and have gone to law school. They have then passed the bar exam, making them certified lawyers.

Skills: Aside from these, our lawyers have the following skill set that helps them in handling legal matters at hand:

1. Understanding

Our lawyers are educated and well-versed individuals when it comes to the laws of the UAE. They are knowledgeable with regard to the distinctions of organizations, legal entities and such. They are experienced in restructuring and bankruptcy law, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property.

2. Legal Research

This is a good quality that our corporate lawyer in Dubai possesses. Because of this, they are aware of the laws and rules and regulations in the country and they are updated to any changes to them.

3. Negotiator

As lawyers, it is in their nature to be good negotiators. This is a helpful quality for businessmen for them to land an agreement or settlement that is in their best interest.

4. Time Management

Our lawyers know exactly how to manage their time regardless of how many cases are at hand.

Corporate Lawyers

What Corporate & Commercial Lawyers Do for You?

Corporate & Commercial lawyers are around for businessmen to be sure that their companies are complying with the laws. It is also among the duties and responsibilities of lawyers to let you know of the adverse effects of not following the law. They also do the negotiations and handle them for the clients. This is one of the natural skills that is required for being a lawyer because it can help them in giving the best possible outcomes to their clients.

How Can HHS Corporate Law Firms in Dubai Help You?

Aside from the above-mentioned information, there are still a lot of services that our corporate lawyers can provide you with. One of them would be taking care of legal documents that are also discussed below.
There are people who are not aware of their legal needs unless they are already facing it. Corporate law firms will ensure that you are aware of them and will help you to sort things out for your business to run smoothly without dangling with legal issues.

Business Structure

We can help you in deciding to form a business structure that best suits your company to be. By explaining to you the legalities that correlate with each type, we can explain and provide the information on the legal matters that linked to choosing corporation, partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, joint venture, etc. Having the accurate data will surely help you in decision making.

Business Setup Legalities

When you understand the legal matters and concerns that you should grasp before diving into a venture, it will be easier for you to perform your duties and responsibilities as a business owner in the UAE. There are legal implications in setting up a business in the country and knowing them will enable you to know and practice your rights.

Procedural Formalities

Business setup, although easy when done with business setup consultants in Dubai, needs to follow certain procedures to be entirely successful. There are legal formalities that are included in those procedures and are best handled by your corporate law firms in Dubai. These people will ensure that you are following every step lawfully for you to start operating in no time.

Legal Documents

There are legal documents included in business setup or running a business as a whole, such as a memorandum and articles of association, certificate of incorporation, power of attorney, etc. You may need them in business setup, renewing your trade license or any other business activities that you may be doing. With this, a corporate attorney will make sure that you have just the right documents by preparing them for you.

Corporate Lawyers services

Our Corporate services include:

  • Advising on the formation of business
  • Advising on corporate management
  • Advising on mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate reconstruction
  • Drafting Memorandum of Association
  • Drafting Article of Association
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Liquidation

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