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Nursing Certificate Attestation in UAE

HHS Lawyers offers nursing certificate attestation in UAE, necessary for those who are looking into migrating to UAE for long-term employment as a nurse. Nursing certificate attestation in UAE is also required for higher studies in recognized universities. Hospitals and other medical institutions in the country request all those who are planning on working and residing in UAE to start the process of getting official documents attested.

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Healthcare Industry in UAE

The UAE’s healthcare industry is in constant need of hardworking and qualified nurses in taking care of patients, looking after all their necessities. Nurses have to be dedicated and compassionate while addressing their patients’ needs. In the country and anywhere else in the globe, nurses play a big role in addressing and safeguarding the health of the public, most especially in times of great need.

If you’re a registered and certified nurse and you’re seeking greener pastures, moving to UAE for work opportunities is a great idea. However, a work visa is required. In order for you to get an employment or residence visa, nursing certificates you have acquired need to undergo attestation. The process of UAE nursing certificate attestation has to be completed in a timely manner in order for the work visa to be processed immediately.

Requirements for nursing certificate attestation in UAE

  • Nursing licenses
  • Experience certificate
  • Nursing degree certificate or diploma
  • High school graduation certificate
  • Copy of the passport
  • Passport size photos

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Stages of the nursing certificate attestation in UAE

Stages of the nursing certificate attestation in UAE

Notary verification from certificate’s issuing country

The first step is getting the certificate verified in the issuing country. A public notary can provide the verification.

Verification by Ministry of External Affairs

Following notary verification in the issuing country, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) located in the issuing country of the certificate to be attested will verify the document.

UAE embassy verification

After the MEA attests the nursing certificate, it will then be forwarded onto the embassy of the UAE in the certificate’s issuing country in order to ensure the document is authentic and there is legitimate reason for the attestation process.

MOFA attestation in UAE

The Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs in UAE will have to verify the document that underwent attestation in the different agencies prior to being submitted in their office.

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Importance of UAE nursing certificate attestation

Importance of UAE Nursing Certificate Attestation

If you’re a registered nurse from a country that’s outside UAE, copies and original documents have to be proven authentic and genuine in order for them to be considered valid in the eyes of the law. The authentication process is the attestation of certificates.

Today, it has become more and more important to have documents verified. With rising occurrences of counterfeit certificates, it’s best to ensure that a person possesses attested certificates with legitimate reasons in coming to the UAE.

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