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Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

Degree certificate attestation for UAE is the formal procedure for original degree certificates to become valid for the processing of employment and a number of other purposes. Employers are not the only ones who are concerned regarding the authenticity of degrees and other educational certificates as they are also often required by labour departments, immigration offices, and other government agencies.

At HHS Lawyers, we provide degree certificate attestation services for documents issued from different countries across the globe.

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Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure in UAE

The United Arab Emirates isn’t one of the signatories of the Hague Convention; therefore, attestation for degree certificates and other similar documents is a requirement. Certificates that are attested are considered valid for recognition by UAE authorities. The document attestation procedure typically comprises of different stages, starting where the document was issued. The stages are as follows:

Stage 1: The certificate is notarized in country of origin.

The first stage of the attestation is notarization. A notary public will attest to the certificate’s authenticity as well as the signatures therein. This is necessary for authentication or legalization for use in UAE.

Stage 2: The document is attested in country of origin.

The attestation of the document will be done by the department of foreign affairs where the certificate was issued. The department will attest the certificate by cross-examining information of the notary. As soon as the department is satisfied with their verification process, the document will be stamped.

Stage 3: The UAE embassy provides its certification.

The attested certificate will then be forwarded to the consulate of UAE in the issuing country for certification. If it was attested accordingly prior to submission to the UAE embassy, the office of the UAE consulate will provide a UAE Consulate stamp. Following the stamping, the certificate will be brought to UAE where it will have to go through the next step of the attestation process.

Stage 4: MOFA in UAE certifies the validity of the document.

As soon as the document arrives to the UAE, it’s then presented to UAE MOFA for certification. Upon submission, it is checked by UAE authorities to make sure it has gone through the necessary phases and has been approved by the UAE embassy or consulate in the document’s issuing country. The ministry will then provide its certification and provide legal effect to the document.

Stage 5: The document is translated.

If the degree certificate will be submitted to a government agency, it requires Arabic translation by certified legal translators (with licenses provided by the Ministry of Justice).

Once Arabized, the original certificate together with the translation will be presented to the Ministry of Justice for them to provide certification. Remember that translation is not a requirement of free zone authorities.

Why Choose Us for UAE Degree Certificate Attestation

Legalizing important documents such as degree certificates, and having the appropriate consulates and embassies provide their certification require experience and knowledge. Our seasoned agents can help make sure precious time is not wasted in the processing of certificates. Here are reasons why clients have opted to seek our help for degree certificate attestation for UAE:


Our offices across the country are manned during office hours. Clients are able to visit us or call our offices for any inquiries they may have.

Competitive rates

We aim to provide clients competitive rates, which means you are given the guarantee that you are getting value for your money. With our reasonable prices, we have become the leading attestation service provider in the region.

Guaranteed service

We only charge for services wherein we have been successful in the delivery. Before you are given a quote, our experts will first discuss your situation to analyze how best we can help you with your requirement(s).

Experienced team of experts

we rely on our team of experts in the processing of degree certificate attestation unlike other service providers that are outsourcing. Our team, having worked for decades in the industry, have cultivated strong relationships with government agencies and embassies. This is one of the reasons why we are able to hasten the attestation process. Established in 1980, we have decades of experience in providing attestation services and ensuring the satisfaction of clients.


we work very hard in maintaining our reputation as the leading service provider of attestation services in UAE. This is also the reason why we make sure the details sent to us are protected and held securely by our team of professionals.

Based locally

We are based locally, with offices across the United Arab Emirates. We also provide prompt replies to questions apart from providing clients with updates on the status of their attestation.

If you want to know more regarding how we can help you make your degree certificates valid for use in UAE, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Reach out to us today for a free initial consultation with our experts!

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