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Attestation for Salary Certificate

A proof by an establishment regarding the employment of an employee in that specific organization is known as a salary certificate. A salary certificate comes complete with crucial information regarding the employee such as position, salary, duties, and employment period.

Salary certificate attestation is essential as the authentication process makes the document real and genuine. Following the attestation of a salary certificate, it can then be presented to those who require it. Attestation process for salary certificates involves the documented presented before several different ministries and authoritative bodies for authentication.

The requirements for salary certificate attestation in Dubai are as follows:

  • The original copy of the salary certificate issued by an organization
  • Passport copy of the applicant
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What is involved in the attestation process for salary certificates?

What is involved in the attestation process for salary certificates?

In the initial phase, Chamber of Commerce will be the agency that is responsible for the attestation. Then, the MOFA or Ministry of Foreign Affairs will check the document for authenticity. The last step involves the embassy of UAE that’s located in the issuing country of the document; the UAE embassy will attest the salary certificate if it has been attested by all relevant departments.

At HHS Lawyers, we help ensure your salary certificate is duly attested. By performing the entire process for you, we can provide assurance that the salary certificate that’s attested will be recognized in your target occupational fields. If you wish to get employed by a reputable corporation in the country, then you know attestation plays an extremely important role. The attestation of a salary certificate can open up job opportunities to those that wish to seek greener pastures. Other countries besides UAE also require the attestation of a salary certificate when they are recruiting foreigners to work for them.

Why Choose Us

In UAE, HHS Lawyers is a trusted firm that undertakes all steps associated to the successful completion of salary certificate attestation. Our team of experts take all the burden from our clients and we provide quick responses to inquiries and updates. In addition, our clients appreciate our collection and delivery services which provide the ultimate convenience. This means you don’t have to come to our office if you are unable to. We can simply send our team to your location, regardless of where it is in the country, to collect your document and deliver it once successfully attested. Every single document we have attested is secured in the hands of professionals with decades of experience in providing attestation services in UAE.

Professional work culture

The culture within the organization defines its success in providing reliable attestation services in Dubai and the rest of UAE’s emirates. Our way of conducting business is centered around the satisfaction –not just of our clients and customers, but also the professionals that comprise the organization.

Quick turnaround time

We’re an organization that is professionally driven and managed by experienced and skilled industry experts. We believe in the total satisfaction of our clients and that includes providing the quickest turnaround time possible. We hope in maintaining our relationships with our clients. Our team also provides updates in order to give clients an idea on the progress of their documents that are being attested.

Individual attention to each client

HHS Lawyers is a firm that’s engaged in a variety of activities, all designed in boosting the ability of our experts in providing the best attestation services in the country. We –fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients, which are unique. This is why we don’t compromise on quality.

Streamlined communication

When you entrust us with the task of attesting your salary certificate or any other document, you will be assigned to an expert who will take care of the task for you. The expert will be in communication with you, so you know every single step that is being taken to complete the process.

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