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Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth certificates are essential documents, and they are considered as official recognition that newborn babies are brought into the society legally. As for the attestation of a birth certificate, it is fundamental if you’re planning to work, stay or visit the UAE.

This all-important document includes the names of the parents, date of birth, and nationality of the child. All these features would come in handy during different stages in an individual’s life as the information facilitates the processing of other documents with other legal applications.

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Attestation Experts in UAE

Attestation Experts in UAE

At HHS Lawyers, we provide quick, hassle-free birth certificate attestation, verification, and authentication services. The firm’s expert agents will assist you in completing the entire process and help ensure there is little to no delay.

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How long does the attestation process for a birth certificate take?

The time span that is needed for birth certificate attestation in UAE will depend on various factors including the country of origin of the document and the language it is in. Typically, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete. It can be shorter or longer based on the aspects that are referred to previously.

How much is the cost to have a birth certificate attested in UAE?

The fees for birth certificate attestation can change based on the country where the birth certificate is from. It will also depend on how soon the requirement is needed. The cost for attestation can be reasonably low, but may change with pick-up and delivery service. Book a free initial consultation now to discuss the fees with our attestation experts in UAE.

What are the steps for the attestation of a birth certificate?

For birth certificate attestation in UAE, all the requirements have to be compiled and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the document is issued. The birth certificate will be stamped in order to show that it is an authentic document.

The birth certificate will then be forwarded to the UAE Embassy for the government to certify that the certificate truly comes from the issuing country. HHS Lawyers, a notary public, will then verify the document. The certificate will also be brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE for authentication. Clients seek our help for attestation of birth certificates not just to streamline the process, but also to ensure that every aspect is done successfully and on time.

Why Choose HHS Lawyers?

HHS Lawyers has been providing attestation services in UAE for over two decades and have established itself as the leading service provider in the region. We have developed a reputation for delivering quality solutions through our long-standing relationships with embassies and ministries from across the globe. Other reasons why our clients choose us for certificate attestation are as follows:

Pick up & delivery service

Our agents can gather the requirements for attestation from your location. Once the process is complete, the document will then be delivered to you.

Fast and reliable service

The firm’s experienced professionals are lawful and trustworthy. Having worked with hundreds of clients through the years, we render a fast attestation and legalization for various types of documents.

Service available across UAE

HHS Lawyers has experts in all emirates, rendering the best services for its clients. Since we are based locally, we can also help ensure your documents are processed without delay.

Quality service

We here at HHS Lawyers provide quality solutions through our proficiency and accuracy in implementing the attestation of certificates.

24/7 customer service

Contact us any time of the day and we will adhere to any of your inquiries. Our clients are important to us, which is why our team is persistent in giving the best customer service possible.

If you want to know more about our birth certificate attestation services, call us now!

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