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What You Should Know About the UAE Adoption Process

The adoption of children is available for expat couples that are residents in the country; however, it must only be done outside the UAE with laws of their respective countries applied. Adoptions aren’t conducted within the jurisdiction of the UAE. Adoptions that are carried out abroad, fortunately, are accepted. As a result, conditions for adopting a child are based on the national legislation which apply to the parents who are adopting. 

As adopted children are brought into the UAE, the kids will receive equal rights and protection like biological children. The reason for this is because children adoption orders that are issued outside the country are recognized in UAE if the kids have taken the name of their adoptive parents. 

For instance, when adoption is done in the UK with the name of the child changed duly to the name of the adoptive parents, the child that was adopted will be able to come to UAE and receive residency sponsorship for being the legal offspring of a UAE resident. The adopted child will be protected under UAE law. The local legislation in the country does NOT differentiate between adopted and biological children. 

Adoption of children in UAE for Muslims 

Adoption isn’t recognized in Islam, but caring for, fostering, or sponsoring a child that is considered an orphan or abandoned is allowed. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged when done with the help of family lawyers and immigration lawyers in Dubai. The child will be carrying the name of his/her biological father. It is best to contact a family lawyer in Dubai in order to discuss sponsoring arrangements. 

Process of adoption when residing in the UAE 

Prior to initiating the process of adopting a child, a prospective parent has to contact a family lawyer in UAE in order to seek legal counsel on relevant adoption laws. This is also to ensure that an adoptive child will be able to obtain residency or citizenship in the UAE. 

From there, a home study will then be conducted by local authorities. The home study program will involve a psychological test that’s comprehensive with a report that’s signed and approved by a licensed psychologist, which will be necessary for presenting eligibility as a potential parent. The process often takes up to ten weeks as the program will consist of several weekly therapy sessions. The sessions will be used in aiding potential parents to make preparations for adopting children. The program is actually for the benefit of the children and not the parents. 

While the home study program is being implemented, the family lawyer in UAE hired by adoptive parents will be setting up the adoption paperwork. It’s recommended to choose a legal representative that has already facilitated adopted successfully in the past. HHS Lawyers is an incredible firm to seek advice from, especially for families who’ve experienced problems in the adoption process. 

 Family lawyers in Dubai will help with setting a court date, completing and filing of the paperwork, and obtaining exit documentation. When the child returns to UAE, a residency application will be submitted including an application in the home country of the parent(s) for citizenship. The steps that are involved in the adoption of a child by UAE expats are as follows: 

 Completed home study program

  • Home assessment with authorities
  • Gathering and submission of paperwork (must be certified and attested by relevant authorities)
  • Reaching out to an adoption facilitator based in the chosen country or home country of adoptive parents 
  • Flying out in order to meet the kid to be adopted 
  • Completing the paperwork 
  • Awaiting court date in UAE and flying out to the birth country of the child 
  • Application of visa and bring the child to UAE
  • Application for citizenship for the adopted child in the parent(s) home country
  • Frequent reports to the child’s home country until it reaches eighteen years old

Take note: the aforementioned steps can vary, depending on the applicable national laws. 

Are there conditions for adopting children in UAE?

The general conditions which apply to most couples adopting children are as follows: 

  • Foster family or single mother must be capable of supporting the adoptive child and other family members financially 
  • Foster family must be able to undertake the treatment of a child ell, bringing up h9im or her in the appropriate manner, and taking care of his or her health and general well being 
  • Forster family or single mother must be free from any infectious disease, as well as mental or psychological disorders 
  • Family should provide proof of display of good conduct 
  • A single mother must be willing to fostering a child 
  • Single mother should be thirty years old or older 
  • Spouses should be twenty five years old or older

Each adoption case is different, which is why it is best to consult with HHS Lawyers’ family lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai. Contact us today! 

M. Al Khairy, LL.B. is a Senior Partner of HHS Lawyers in UAE. Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on legal drafting, contract drafting, labor disputes, family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Al Khairy also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators. Read more