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Criminal Law & Financial Crime

Financial crime is any non-violent offense that is committed by or against an individual or corporation and results in a financial loss. This includes fraud, bribery, embezzlement, electronic copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, counterfeiting and so on. This is the largest type of crime by amount, as high as US$ 2.1trillion. Financial crimes affect individuals, companies, organizations and even nations and have a negative impact on the entire economic and social system through the considerable loss of money incurred. The consequences of financial crime are massive, some of them are, undermines the legitimate private sector, loss of revenue, economic distortion, empowered criminals and corruption of all elements of society.

HHS.LAWYERS is experienced in understanding risk of financial crimes your organizations are faced with and well proficient in providing bold solutions. We have developed an in-depth mechanism that provides tools for identifying, assessing, mitigating, managing and monitoring risk. Depending on the type of the industry and size of your organization, we would be able tailor the solutions well-fitting to your organization.

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