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It is in the telecommunications industry that communication falls into. This sector makes the digital communication possible around the world. The facilities and infrastructure that this industry makes meet the needs and requirements for data to be transmitted and for communication to happen through phone or internet.

There are companies that lead this industry and their products and services usually revolve around the internet, wireless operators, cables, and satellites.

The importance and the vitality of telecom sector and the essential role that it plays in development and increasing national income and its direct impact on people’s lives make the telecom sector enjoy a great share in national and international legislation to ensure its stability. We will give you the necessary advice if you are looking for investment in the communication sector or would like to know the privileges that it offers.

Telecommunication Industry’s Major Segments

There are various segments that make up the telecommunication industry. Although it seems to be straightforward in being the reason that communication in and across the world is possible, there are still categories wherein specific services are grouped into.

The following below are just some of the major segments of the telecommunication sector. These segments seemingly are the what telecommunication is when broken down into parts.

Wireless Communications

This is considered to be a broad term that covers other forms of the device communicating and connecting using devices with a wireless signal. As the name suggests, the data communication is transmitted wirelessly.

There are intricacies on the facts of how wireless communication works. Wireless signals are used for one device to send and receive to and from another device and more. Because of its complications that not everybody can grasp, this sector is one of the major ones that are in the telecommunication industry.

Wireless communication also has a number forms, technology, and delivery methods as it performs its functions, such as the following:

  • Wireless network communication
  • Mobile communication
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Satellite communication
  • Infrared communication

Communications Equipment

This one goes with two other names, telecoms equipment or communications equipment. It’s a hardware that is used for telecommunication purposes.

Although it’s also a broad term, categories make up telecommunications equipment to further understand what it is all about: customer premises equipment public, transmission equipment, and switching equipment.

Long-Distance Carrier

This is a telephone company providing an exchange of communication in different areas. There are a lot of companies that provide this kind of service to people in every area of the world, and some of the carriers are AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and others organizations specializing in this part of telecommunications.

Telecommunications Lawyers & Law Firms in Dubai, UAE

There are a lot of intricacies in this kind of industry, and it is one of the industries with an ever-changing environment because it is connected to technology. This is why you need telecoms legal services to ensure that you are up-to-date with everything. As we all know, telecommunication is always aimed at individuals to be more advanced than it already is, trying to figure out and uncover more innovative ways to make things easier for people.

HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants has everything you need from understanding telecommunications law & lawyers who are going to aid you in doing so. We provide telecommunication regulatory and related legal services to clients in the telecommunication industry. Our lawyers have deep and board experience navigating cutting-edge legal and regulatory issue. We are committed to assisting clients in meeting substantial challenges they face in the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high-tech, and media sectors in the telecommunications industry.

The team of lawyers that we have has substantial experience representing client across the entire spectrum of the telecommunications and media sector. Our clients range in size from start-up companies to major-quoted public corporations. We have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, FCC licensing proceedings, inter-carrier agreements, legislative and regulatory policy issues, and federal state and local court litigation.

Being one of the leading firms that offer telecommunication legal services Dubai, we provide assistance in the legal matters that you might encounter. We also provide advice on changes in laws, regulations and policies and how these changes affect our client’s interests. We have enjoyed considerable success in devising and implementing legislative, public policy and regulatory initiatives on behalf our clients and in securing changes in the law and applicable regulations to the benefits of our client. We strive to help our clients identify significant regulatory developments and issue that may affect their business which allows them to anticipate and plan for rather than merely reacting to matters that important to their business.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial and technology agreements such as services, marketing, software licensing and confidentially agreement
  • Advising on data privacy laws
  • Advising on cloud, IT product and service matters
  • Mitigate risks in connection with the telecommunications industry
  • Advising telecommunications companies related to their scope of work
  • Providing legal advice telecommunication companies


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