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Administrative Services Agreement

There are certain service contracts which are common in business such as the administrative services agreement. This specific agreement serves as a point of connection between you and an administrative services firm. The contract may also outline the responsibilities and duration for the service(s) mentioned in the contract.

At HHS Lawyers, our legal drafting team knows that there’s a number of considerations that have to be taken into account with drafting a durable administrative services agreement.

Our lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai always advise clients to give thought in who will assume the task of the agent in case the first choice is unwilling or unable to fulfill the designed duties. Our legal drafting team also allows clients to assign different types of administrative agreement, which may include the following

Intercompany agreements

An intercompany agreement is a type of agreement that is made among two or more businesses or divisions owned by the same parent company.  This is also known as transfer of goods and services between businesses. Certain aspects of the parent company may be dealt by an intercompany agreement with the coordination of two or more divisions that offer the same services.

Professional service agreement

This agreement brings out the terms by which a professional services company will perform services for a business or client.

Service level agreement

A service agreement is a contract between one service provider and its internal or external customers. It is very important to provide all documents which should include all the rules for service agreement standards.

Master service agreement

Master service agreements are contracts that are entered by parties during a transaction or service. For this particular contract, it includes the details of the expectations of the parties involved. This also allows to quickly communicate future transactions or agreements.

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The lawyers and legal consultants that comprise our legal drafting team in Dubai include key components in every administrative services agreement, which are as follows:

Agreement Overview

The agreement overview includes details such as the individuals involved, effective/expiry date as well as a general statement on what other details the particular administrative services agreement will cover.

General Duties and Scope of Services

For this provision, it will provide, in full detail, the duties that are to be carried out by parties involved as well as the scope of services to be provided.

Excluded Services

This is where it is mentioned the services that are not going to be performed by the firm or individual that will be providing service(s) to or for another party.

Administrative Fee

The compensation or fee for all services performed by the services provider under this Agreement.


This section is where it is written when the service(s) shall commence or the duration of the services and whether or not the parties are liable to continue until the date of expiry.


Under this section, this agreement shall mention the reasons for termination of the agreement and the consequences of termination of contract.

Miscellaneous provisions

Any other miscellaneous provisions as and when required by the parties or circumstances of the agreement have to be added in this section.

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What exactly should I know about management or administrative services agreements?

A management or administrative services agreement is a type of agreement that is often entered between a consultant or an independent contractor and a company to provide management, consulting or other services for a required fee.

What are the contents of master services agreements?

This kind of administrative services agreement mostly governs the future transaction between the parties involved. It is best to seek the help of lawyers in Dubai in creating such to ensure no legal problems arise in the future.

How important is a service level agreement?

This type of agreement is usually utilized in the business sector and includes one or more people in a contract. It is meant to define a framework for the extent of the services to be rendered.