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Know These Disciplinary Rules in The Workplace

Labor laws in UAE are the ones which you should have all the knowledge about. When you are working in UAE, you must know that every action that you make counts and if you do anything that is against the rules and regulations of labor laws, you will be held accountable for it. So, make sure that you have a proper idea about what you do and what will its consequences be, else you should hire the best labor lawyers or labor law firms in UAE to know what your office decorum is and how you should act in your office.

Maintenance of Office Decorum

Every workplace has its own rules and regulations and the employee that works in there should be aware of all of them. What we need to do here is create awareness and understand the laws and orders of the workplace. If you don’t, you might get accounted for you in disciplinary actions. Understanding the official rules is important not just because of avoiding any penalty but also for the sake of your rights as well. If you have a proper understanding of the laws at the workplace, you will be able to speak up in case of any unfair treatment.

Disciplinary Rules at The Workplace

Article 102

Here are the rules that are inflicted upon by employers in case of any indisciplined action:


If the employees do something wrong, the employer will have the authority to warn the employees for their wrongdoing.


If the employees commit an offense, the employer will be allowed to take fine from them.


The employer can suspend the employee and the pay of suspension period will be deducted but not more than that of ten days.

Deferment of Bonus

If the employees don’t obey the laws at the workplace, the employer will be able to defer their periodic bonus.

Promotion Deprivation

The employee will be deprived of promotion in case of any offense or misdoing. At the workplace or elsewhere that causes harm to the employer or the company is reputable.

Work Dismissal

The employer can dismiss the employee but there should be no biases in case of the end of service gratuity.

Work Dismissal with Gratuity Deprivation

The employer has the authority to deduct the whole gratuity or a part of the gratuity of the employee. This can happen in circumstances where the employee’s misconduct has caused a liability or damages.

Article 103

There are proper rules which determine the disciplinary actions of the employees. The labor and social affairs minister will issue a list of rules and regulations of the workplace so that the employers may take guidance from them and imply them at their company.

Article 104

The fine taken because of any misdoing will be a particular amount. The particular amount can be the remuneration of the employee for the specific period but no more than that. Also, the fines implied will not be more than the 5 days salary of the employee.

Article 105

The fines imposed on the workers will be recorded in special registers with each and every detail in it including the wage of the worker. All the fines should be transferred to a special account made entirely for the social welfare of workers.

Article 106

If the employee is made to stay deprived of their periodic allowance, they will be subjected to that only once a year. The deferment of such allowances should not be more than 6 months.

Article 107

The promotion deprivation penalty must not be imposed for more than one cycle of promotion. If an employee meets the necessary conditions for the promotion, they will be then promoted during the promotional cycle.

Article 108

The cause and circumstances should be written in a special register with name, wage, and cause of the penalty.

Article 109

If the worker commits an offense or does an act outside the workplace, no sanction will be imposed on them until or unless the act is somehow connected to the workplace. Also, no more than one sanctions can be imposed on the worker combined.

Article 110

The workers should be given the reason behind the fine or deduction or any penalty. Also, they should be provided with the reason behind the impositions as well along with the sanctions imposed on them and wage cutting as well.

The labor laws in UAE are quite extensive which is why the labor law consultants in UAE are here to facilitate the masses. They will guide you about everything step by step and will make everything, even more, easier for you.

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