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New HR law

The New Law You Should Need to Know

According to the new Dubai law now, the employees will have more leaves and less working hours.

For the employees who are at the grade 8 to 11, a leave of 25 days will be awarded and the best part about it is that the leave will be PAID. Previously, these employees used to get a leave of 22 days. So now, they have got an increment in their paid leaves.

It is to be noted here that the lucky ones are not just the employees of grade 8th to 11th because the leaves of all the government employees have increased in Dubai. This new HR law has actually been imposed on Sunday.

The employees of grade 8 to 11 will be given the paid leaves of 25 days whereas the employees of grade 7 and below that will be given the leaves of 18 days. Previously the employees of grade 7 and below used to get the leaves of 15 days.

We all know that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai have provided the people in Dubai with so many benefits and this increment in the paid leaves in addition to the benefits they have granted the public. They basically want to provide the people with a work environment that is really supportive of the employees of the government sector.

We aim to accomplish the requirements of success by giving our employees a stable environment in both employment and social sectors.

Travel allowance

Another addition to this law is that the travel allowances will be given to the employee’s family members who live in Emirates. Note that the family members that are aged below 21 years will be given this allowance and not 18 years.

As we all know that a lot of emigrants live and work in Dubai. For these emigrant employees, a travel allowance for three children will be given that are under the age of 21.

Spouse death

On the death of the spouse of the employee, a leave of 10 days will be granted. Note that this is specifically for the death of the spouse but if the second-degree relative of the employee dies, he will be given a leave for another five days.

If you are a demined worker, you will be given a reduction in your working hours but it will depend upon the necessity as well as the right to five special paid leaves.

Back in the day, it was mandatory for the employees to work for 40 years in a week but now this requirement has been removed too. now, the employees will be given the periodic bonuses as well.

All of these changes in the HR law is being carried out so that more and more success can be gained while helping the employees to work in a tension-free environment. If someone is working on academic or research papers, they will be granted a five-day paid leave. This government law will help the employees to be able to give more time to their research and academic papers.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, tweeted on the new laws and here is what was said;

 “It is an important boost to Dubai’s ongoing efforts to update the work environment and institutional infrastructure of the government and maintain international standards.”

The changes in the laws are being made so the employees can be able to support their careers in the best possible manner. The crown prince of Dubai said that the laws are made so that the employees can get the stability while supporting their careers.

Employment opportunities:

Here are the employment opportunities the people working in Dubai will now get;

They will get to have more leniency in their work and will have the leverage of flexibility as well.

the employees will get paid for working overtime and in addition to that, the requirement of working for whole 40 hours per week will get removed as well.

The employees will get the periodic bonuses for their work

They will be able to experience innovative practices of hiring and other methods and remote work practice will be allowed as well.

There will be so many other additional benefits that will be granted to the determined employees in Dubai so that they can feel more determined towards their work. They will be given short working hours if needed as well (medical approval)

Luxury and decent living standards:

  1. The focus will be on Emiratization in the government agencies
  2. Emirati working women and families will be given support
  3. Emirati citizens wives and children under 21 will be given stipends
  4. expatriate workers’ families and three children who are under 21 will be given stipend as well

Educational benefits:

5 paid leaves for educational purposes

Traveling right if the purpose is to learn and educate the self.

The right of getting the training regarding modern field after graduation

Leaves in different cases:

25 paid leaves rather than 22 for employees from 8th to 11th grade

8 paid leaves rather than 15 for employees of grade 7 and below

For second-degree death- 5- day leave

for the death of a spouse- 10-day leave

poor health status- extendable leaves

permission of guardianship leaves for those second-degree relatives who live in the country and for those who live abroad, it is for third-degree relatives

Benefits the determined people:

If it is necessary, they will get reduced working hours

They will get special 5 leaves

They will be prioritized over others in case of employment

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