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Reduction in Official Fees of Trademark in UAE

UAE has announced a new amended fee and fine structure wherein it has canceled the fees for 102 services and reduced the charges for other services among 110 services offered by the Ministry of Economy, including those related to intellectual property matters, as part to efforts to boost business activity in the country.

Following the increase of such fees, the trademark office was urged by the trademark owners to consider a reform of this decision. While the number filed and examined marks has somewhat declined since 2015, this decrease can in part be attributed to the reduction of illegitimate marks filed in bad faith and those filed with the intention to benefit from preexisting rights.

For easy reference, both the previous and newly revised official fees for registration, renewal and other services are outlined in the table below:

Service Current official fees in AED Old official fees in AED
Trademark Filing1,000 (no change)1,000
Trademark Registration6,700 (reduced)10,000
Trademark Renewal6,700 (reduced)10,000
Publication for both accepted and renewed applications.1,000 (no change)1,000
Inspection for infringing trademarkwaived2,000
Official gazette monthly subscription fees.waived1,200
Grievance/appeal before Trademark Appeal Committee for provisional refusal or office action.waived5,000
Request for cancellation of the trademark for all goods/services or a part of goods /services.waived500
Request for extension to submit claiming priority document based on the Paris Convention to the trademark office.waived500
Change or appointment of trademark attorney /representative for a trademark application.Waived1,000

It has now become considerably cheaper to secure trademark registrations in the UAE and to maintain any existing registrations that may already be in place.

For those brand owners considering trademark registration in the UAE but are confused about the new updated official fees, you may contact our trademark specialist in UAE.

M. Al Khatem

Trademark & Intellectual Property

M. Al Khatem is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) expert in HHS Lawyers. He has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.