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Drafting Correspondence & Legal Notices

A legal notice is a kind of legal action taken in the form of a letter made to a person/entity informing the same to undertake legal proceedings against him/her. It is an initial note of information to letting the person or an entity know that he or she has made a grievance and the cause of legal action is taken in respect of it.

At HHS Lawyers, our legal drafting team provides assistance when it comes to drafting correspondence and legal notices that meet the specific needs of clients, while also being easy to understand for the receiving party.

For this reason and more, clients of the firm seek our expertise and skill in drafting legal notices and legal correspondence that will be considered as legally enforceable in courts. Here are just some of the kinds of legal notices and legal correspondence clients trust us to have properly drafted in Dubai:

Legal notice for recovery of payment

Legal notice for recovery of money or debt settlement is a formal intimation between two people warning the other before legal action is initiated to get their due payment. Legal notice is sent for the recovery of money from a friend or client, in the event that the debtor owes a lot. The role of a legal notice is very important if you want to recover money from people.

Legal notice for employment contract

It is a kind of legal notice that is sent to an existing employee by his or her employer for violation of any terms mentioned as per the employment agreement signed by both parties.

Legal notices for disputes regarding property

This includes disputes that are relevant to property such as ownership disputes, mortgage, eviction of occupants, etc.

Legal notice for family issues

This kind of legal notice is sent to a family member for personal issues such as divorce, child custody, inheritance disputes, etc.

Legal notice to manufacturing company

As for this type of legal notice, as its name suggests, it’s sent to manufacturing companies to provide information about the delivery of faulty products or providing faulty services.

Correspondence and administrative reports

Correspondence refers to communication by the exchange of letters. It also means the letters written or received.

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Legal Drafting Services In UAE

HHS lawyers can help you in drafting and sending a legal notice for all the above-mentioned situations.

We help clients ensure legal notices have the necessary provisions, which may include:

Overview of legal notice

This provision includes the name, description, and place of residence of the sender of the notice. All the details mentioned should be accurate.

Statement of cause of action

Under this section, the cause for which the notice was sent is to be mentioned. This should clearly verify the exact cause of legal notice.

The relief claimed by the sender of the notice

All the reliefs claimed by the sender of the legal notice should be mentioned in this provision.

Summary of the legal basis for the relief claimed

A short summary of the reliefs claimed by either party are mentioned under this provision.

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What is the purpose of notices?

Legal notices are the formal means of informing the other party about the legal proceedings to be taken on his behalf.

What is a service notice?

Service notice is an official document stating a claim has been served on a party to a legal dispute. This notice is sent to a defendant in a legal action, together with a copy of the summons.

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