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Drafting Employment Contracts

Also referred to as Contract of Service, an Employment Contract spells out the duties and rights of an employer and an employee. At HHS Lawyers, our lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai have decades of experience providing employment contract drafting services which help prevent issues that potentially arise with new employment contracts.

Benefits of Properly Drafted Employment Contracts

Properly drafted employment contracts are a necessity as they help in the following:

Retaining employees

An employment contract that’s drafted by a legal drafting team composed of legal consultants stipulate the amount of time employees have to remain with their employer. Employment contracts also indicate that employees have to give sufficient notice to the employer in finding an appropriate replacement.

Intellectual property protection

If an employee has access to information that are regarded as confidential, guidelines must be set on what can and can’t be disclosed to other parties.

Setting of goals and standards

Employment contracts have to include expected standards of the employer for the employee, as well as performance goals and any other productivity measures

Security for employer and employee

With an employment contract drafted by experts, both sides understand what’s expected of them and enjoy legal protections.

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Legal Drafting Services In UAE

Experienced Lawyers for UAE Employment Contract Drafting

Every word and line printed in employment contracts count. Employers must absolutely avoid using pre-made contract forms that can be bought at office supplies stores because, as an employer, there is a need for precisely-written employment contracts exclusively drafted for the needs of the company.

We, at HHS Lawyers, help protect employers through the drafting of employment contracts that are comprehensive while easy to understand to avoid items getting misinterpreted or misconstrued. Our legal drafting team has helped employers in UAE ensure language in employment contracts hold up and protect their interests when challenged in court.

Choose to protect your business starting today. Call us to speak to our experienced lawyers in Dubai for the drafting of employment contracts.

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