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Expiration of Service Contract

Service contracts come with a fixed period. In this type of contract, the parties may extend the agreement or end the relations. It is very important to avoid potential disputes, which is why it’s always preferable to be cautious and understand terms and conditions accurately before the expiry. Here at HHS Lawyers, we assist in the drafting of a variety of service contracts, including the expiration of service contract.

Our legal drafting service for the expiration of service contracts include:

  • Free initial consultation;
  • Expert advisory for contract provisions;
  • Drafting of terms and conditions of service contracts by seasoned lawyers in Dubai;
  • Revisions

Therefore, legal drafting services provided by an expert legal team helps to determine how long a contract lasts with no expiration date and also requires examining the details of the contract in question. Our lawyers are experts and can act as the needle to tailor your legal drafting needs.

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At HHS Lawyers, our service expiration agreement includes all key provisions for the contract to be valid and effective, which include the following:

Payment and deposit

This section defines the payment terms and should include how much and how the provider receives compensation for the service expiration.

Scope of services

Under this part, it defines the services that were provided and also the limitations.


This provision defines the changes in the agreement made by parties throughout the contractual relations.


This clause determines how the parties can terminate the relationship and who was responsible for such decision.

Insurance liability

The amount of insurance that has to be borne by both the parties in a contract.


This part covers the protection for trade secrets and also the consequences of disclosing such secrets.

IP ownership

The owner of the intellectual property is disclosed under this provision.

Choice of law and dispute

The law which is applicable and the jurisdiction of dispute is mentioned.

Other clauses

Service expiration contracts may also include anti-litigation clauses.

Legal Drafting Services In UAE

An expiration of service contract has to be drafted by professional lawyers and also checked for potential loopholes and/or inaccuracies. Our legal drafting services allows our team to provide you with the contract you need for service expiration, which may be any of the following types:

End of service contracts

This contract is prepared during the termination of employment or service relationship with the company or a related company for any reason, including because of death, disability or retirement. Once an employment contract in the UAE is terminated, the employee is eligible for the end of service benefits. The inclusions are subject to change based on the type of contract the person is employed under.

Service contract cancellation

The service contract can be cancelled and will depend on the circumstances of the terms mentioned in the contract. Our in-house team can draft an agreement including a service cancellation agreement without facing any penalty.

Terms for termination of the contract of service

Terms mentioned in a contract will specify the details regarding how to end a contract amicably. The nature of the contract may change depending on the situation. Our expert team for legal drafting in UAE will help in understanding all the terms and conditions that are best suited for your needs and requirements.

Non-renewal of employment or service contract

The contract can be non renewed in the case where the employer or employee does not want to renew the contract.

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