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License Agreement non-exclusive License of Manufacturer

Nonexclusive license agreement is drafted when the licensor has the right to sell non-exclusive licenses to as many other manufacturers as he/she chooses.

This agreement may grant to the licensee the right to use the intellectual property, and to allow any number of licenses to be used under the same intellectual property.

Our legal drafting service for non-exclusive license agreements include:

  • Free initial consultation;
  • Expert advisory for contract provisions;
  • Drafting of license agreement by seasoned lawyers in Dubai;
  • Revisions

Clients seek our assistance in the drafting of nonexclusive license agreements to grant to the licensee the right to use the intellectual property.

Our team for legal drafting in Dubai helps ensure a license agreement is written clearly and indicates the intentions of both parties precisely. This is to avoid breaches of contracts and business conflicts.

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At HHS Lawyers, our nonexclusive licensing agreement includes all key provisions for the contract to be valid and effective, which are the following:


This section of the agreement names the parties that are involved. Identification clauses are important when it comes to such type of contract as it clearly indicates ownership of rights.

License grant

A grant clause sets out the extent and scope of rights that will be granted to a licensee, including limitations under nonexclusive agreement. This may include a clause that reiterates the agreement is only a license and not an assignment or transfer of ownership.


This includes any amount of compensation to the licensor under the agreement and whether to pay a fixed amount.

Licensee’s Obligations

The obligation of the license is outlined in this clause. The rights and permits will be disclosed in this section.  Steps are taken by the licensee to ensure that the necessary conditions are taken.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the details of the rights of the owner and the assignor are mentioned under this section. It may include agreement not to disclose contents of the agreement to a third party.

Limitation of Liability

This part includes acknowledgement of the licensee and also to provide rules for any loss or damage in relation to the license being granted.


This is a kind of non disclosure provision that has to be mentioned so that no third party has access to confidential information in a contract.

Legal Drafting Services In UAE

Our legal drafting services in UAE allows our experts that comprise our team in helping with the expert drafting and handling of different kinds of licensing agreements apart from non-exclusive license agreements, such as:

Enterprise license agreement

This enterprise license agreement is usually drafted to permit unlimited use of a product or system throughout an enterprise, although some limitations and restrictions may apply. Our team of lawyers can carefully tailor the terms of contract, depending on the needs of the customer and software provider.

Product licensing agreement

This is a key document to protect the business interest of a company. This also includes taking permission from a manufacturer to sell product in a specific area. The rights are gained after the payment of royalty to the original owner.

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What is the meaning of patent license?

This kind of license means that no person or business can use intellectual property rights of a patent other than the owner.

What is the typical license agreement?

A license agreement is an agreement between two parties to use a property under certain parameters. This type of agreement involves a licensee and a licensor. For the drafting of such type of contract, a lawyer has to be hired to ensure all the essential components are included and for all concerning parties to have sufficient protection.

How does a license agreement work?

A licensing contract is between two parties. The licensee, the person who is buying the license from the licensor who is the seller, will pay the royalties to the licensor. This is in exchange for rights in selling or using the technology or product.

How does a licensor get paid?

A guarantee is a fee the licensor receives from a license for the use of a trademarked property. It is often anchored on expected sales for the value. As for royalty, it is a percentage of the sales that have been earned by the licensee and will be paid to a licensor. The payment terms will be mentioned in the licensing agreement.