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Affidavits Drafting

An affidavit is a type of document that contains a verified statement and it’s often used as evidence in UAE courts. An affidavit can be in the form of a written statement as to witness in court a certain information. The document may also act as an information to provide help in judging and coming up to a decision.

At HHS Lawyers, our legal drafting team in Dubai knows that there are a number of considerations that have to be taken into account with affidavit drafting. For instance, to prove that a property has been stolen from you, you might be required to prove that you were in the possession of such property. As a proof is needed, there is a need to submit an affidavit and other documents that prove ownership before the court.

Our lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai always advise clients in dozens of scenarios where they might be asked to complete an affidavit and to help ensure they don’t put themselves at risk for experiencing legal troubles. Our legal drafting team also drafts different types of affidavits such as:

Self-proving affidavit

This affidavit proves that the wills were created on the free will of testators and no force was created upon them when signing the wills.

Affidavit of loss of passport

When there is any loss of a document such as a passport through loss of theft or destroyed in fire or flood, an affidavit can be presented to claim a brand new passport. This affidavit may contain all the details of the lost document including the issuing country of the passport and the owner’s name.

Affidavit of support

Affidavit of support is the acceptance of legal responsibility for financially supporting any person, which may or may not be a family member or relative. This is often prepared to support an individual with blood relation or to take the responsibility of any person.

Joint affidavit of witnesses to a marriage

This affidavit is granted to act as a witness to a marriage, which is a requirement in most countries for getting married. This may also contain names of two or more persons. This document declares that each witness is capable to act as a witness to marriage.

Affidavit letter for litigation

This is a formal document written to give an account of an event or individual. This is a legal document issued by the hired lawyer or any legal officer which contains crucial information that can be presented as the evidence. This is a written statement that acts as evidence in court.

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Legal Drafting Services In UAE

Our lawyers and legal consultants make sure an affidavit contains the document’s key elements, including the following:

Title of affidavit

An affidavit of any sort must include a title and a caption. The title gives an idea about the contents of the affidavit. This should also provide the court jurisdiction as well as the case number.

Details of the persons involved in affidavit presented

This should be as an introduction in the affidavit. This section should only comprise of the necessary details regarding the persons involved.

Reference of other documents

Under this section reference to other documents attached will be provided. If there are any other references to the case that should be attached to the affidavit, they may be named as exhibit (mostly attached at the end of every affidavit).

Conclusion to an affidavit

there should be proper ending to every document, and that includes an affidavit. This part of affidavits may include confirmation that the details presented in the documents are true and signees have acknowledged all the facts.

Closure to an affidavit through notarization and with a signature

This part deals with imposing important signatures from a notary public.

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Is an affidavit a legal document?

This is a written statement used as evidence in court to prove to the judge about a certain information. A legally binding document, it should be notarized and legalized by a notary public to make it valid in court.

Who can notarize an affidavit?

A notarized affidavit is a written statement made under oath and signed before a notary. The notary signs it and fixes the firm’s seal to notarize it.