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How to Write Affidavit of Support and Guarantee for UAE

Affidavit of Support Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE

An affidavit of support and guarantee for UAE is a legal document required by a resident in UAE who plans on sponsoring a relative to the country, providing full guarantee of financial responsibility. Essentially, the person creating the document swears to be the responsible person under the law to take full care of a relative and aid support financially.

Here is how to create an affidavit of support and guarantee UAE:

Identify yourself

The first paragraph should contain personal details of the sponsor including the full legal name, birth date, place of birth, and birth date. If you are using a legal format for writing the-affidavit, utilize the second paragraph in explaining your relationship with the person you are sponsoring. In the third, provide details on how often you see your relative.  

 You need to make sure that you provide information about you, the relationship you have with the applicant for a UAE visa, the basis in filing an affidavit, details regarding the immigrant you’re sponsoring, as well as details regarding your qualifications in being an immigrant sponsor. 

You must be able to meet the income requirement in being a sponsor to a relative. You must have a least AED 3,500 as monthly income. If you don’t’ meet the income requirements in becoming a sponsor, it’s possible to avail other options like including your assets’ cash value or including the monthly income of another household member. 

Assemble supporting documents 

Certain documents are required in providing evidence for statements that are made in the affidavit of support and guarantee for UAE. In some cases, photocopies of the required documents can be provided. You must read what the legislation says or consult with a seasoned lawyer in UAE to determine what is required as it will depend on the country, you’re from. If you submit photocopies of documents, the local authorities may still request seeing the originals while the application of a relative is being processed.  

You must present proof that you’re a resident in UAE. The documents that provide proof of residency status include your passport, birth certificate, and Emirates ID. You must also give a copy of the certificate of employment issued to you by your employer and proof of income for the previous months. 

To provide proof of relationship, any of the following should be furnished: 

  • Report of children’s birth (for the sponsor) 
  • Report of marriage (for the sponsor) 
  • Birth certificate of the visitor to UAE, as applicable 
  • Marriage certificate of the visitor or sponsor, as applicable

A proof of accommodation is also required by authorities and it should be attached to the affidavit of support and guarantee for UAE. Any of the following is acceptable: 

  • Tenancy contract of the sponsor
  • Hotel booking that is duly stamped by a travel agency or the hotel with the entire duration of stay for the visitor with a flight ticket (for a sponsor with no tenancy contract under his or her name) 

Sign the affidavit 

You must either place your signature on the affidavit in front of the consulate or with the presence of a public notary in UAE. Keep in mind you are singing an affidavit under oath. All contents of the affidavit are to be true and accurate as the document will be considered as a sworn statement. If you include any detail on the affidavit which is false, you’ll be liable for a criminal prosecution in UAE. You’ll also be subject to hefty fines should you choose not to report any change to the document, including change of address should you happen to transfer at any time in between the affidavit’s submission and financial resolution of an application of a visitor. 

Can I sponsor my in-laws to visit UAE? 

With the use of an affidavit of support and guarantee for UAE, an applicant can sponsor a relative within the first and second degree of affinity or consanguinity. This means you can sponsor your parents-in-law and daughters or sons in-law as they’re considered as second degree in affinity. Your spouse is also considered first degree by affinity. First degree by consanguinity is your parents and children. Grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters can also be sponsored as they’re related to you by second degree by consanguinity.

If you’re planning on sponsoring a relative or you’ll be visiting UAE, it’d be in your best interest to hire an immigration lawyer in UAE adept with the relevant local legislation. At HHS Lawyers, we’ll help you create an affidavit and provide you with advice and guidance to help ensure your sworn statement will be considered legal and valid in UAE. Should you need a lawyer as you are under litigation regarding immigration issues or concerns regarding your affidavit of support and guarantee for UAE, our team of reputable attorneys can represent your case in court.

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Hazim Darwish

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