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Revocation of power of attorney

Revocation of a power of attorney is a legal document that cancels or revokes the power of attorney. It is a written confirmation from the owner of power of attorney to cancel the powers granted to the agent (the person appointed to act as a power of attorney). Revocation of power of attorney must include below-mentioned details:

  • The name of the principle (holder of power of attorney)
  • Details of the agent
  • The date the power of attorney being effective
  • The date the power of attorney when revoked

Reasons to revoke a power of attorney

There are several reasons for revoking a power of attorney some of them are mentioned below:

The power of attorney is not needed anymore:

If the power of attorney was created for a specific purpose or the owner can perform the act by themselves in both the cases the holder of power of attorney can revoke.

The agent is not fit to act for the principle

in some cases, if it is discovered by the owner that the agent is not trusted worthy or using the powers granted in the illegal way the owner of power of attorney can revoke the power of attorney and appoint someone else to act on their behalf.

Incapacity to act

if the agent appointed is no longer mentally competent to make a decision or perform the duties the owner of the power of attorney can choose to revoke and appoint someone else.

Unavailability of the agent:

if the agent appointed has moved to some other plea or not available for some other reasons then the owner can appoint some other persons to act on their behalf.

Procedure to revoke a power of attorney

Draft revocation statement

Creating a written revocation stating that the power of the agent been is a legal document for a valid revocation of the powers granted to the agent.

Notify the agent about the revocation

Once the revocation document has Benn drafted the owner must take the reasonable steps to inform the attorn abbot the revocation of their powers. This would act as legal evidence the principle decisions to revoke the power of attorney.

Returning all the documents within the agent’s control

After the power of attorney has been revoked any copies of the power of attorney within the possession of the agent should be returned, and nay organist ion with whom the attorney has been dealing in their capacity as an attorney should be notified of revocation so that they do not continue to act as an attorney.

Agents right to revoke:

In some cases, an agent has the right to revoke the power of attorney if the holder of the power of attorney is mentally incapable to perform his obligation towards the agent

Special conditions

  • A power of attorney is valid only if the holder is mentally competent to understand the reins of the document.
  • Presence of the owner of the power of attorney before the Notary Public.
  • If the document is not in Arabic, it should be translated by a legal translation office certified by the relevant authorities.
  • Any document issued outside the country must be authenticated by the competent authorities
  • The power of attorney clauses shall be clear and explicit, without any erasure or deletion.
  • The party concerned shall undertake to notify his agent.

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