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Drafting a Legal Notice for Cancelling of Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a document that gives one person the power to act on another person behalf. The grantor of POA can legally cancel the POA with the help of legal notice and providing a revocation form. This can officially help to end the validity of POA.

Any person who issues the POA is known as the principal and to whom the power should be authorized is known as the attorney. In case if the principle what’s to cancel the POA or the attorney does any act against the terms mentioned in the POA then send a legal notice for cancellation by the principal

Before drafting a legal notice for POA, you may also seek the help of expert lawyers who can drat as per the requirements of the clients.

How to Draft a Legal Notice for Cancellation of POA

Experienced lawyers who have a good knowledge of the subject matters of the case can give you the exact format for legal notice for cancellation of POA

Key elements included in this legal notice are as follows:

  • Name and description of the persons
  • Name and description of the sender
  • description of the cause of action
  • Description of the incident of the case
  • A specific time for revoking the POA

Scenarios When the Principle Can See Legal Notice for Cancellation

  • The power of attorney is no longer necessary:

if the POA was drafted to carry out a specific transaction like property or sale and becomes unnecessary is the transactional are over or when the principal is able to act for themselves in both of the conditions the POA is no longer needed to stop the attorney from making decisions.

  • An attorney is not fit to act for the principal;

When it is found that the attorney is not fit or not trustful to carry on the work so if the grantor. In this situation, the principal may think to appoint some to act on his behalf.

  • When the attorney can no longer act

If the attorney in fact moves to another country it may be practical or possible for them to keep acting for the principal.

  • When principal wishes to appoint someone else as their attorney

If the grantor finds someone else beater to act as an attorney to act on his behalf then in such a situation, he can terminate the old power of attorney and can appoint the new one to be an attorney for his duties.

  • Any of the agents die
    There are many people who appoint one agent for their financial decisions also both the agent has to make all decisions jointly. When any one of the agents dies then the grantor may need to appoint a new agent in their place or cancel the power of attorney document altogether

Power of Attorney Rights and Limitations

Eligible people who can send a legal notice for cancellation of POA

Legal notice can be sent by below mention person for cancellation of power of attorney;

  • When a power of attorney is assigned by two or more principals then only one principal cannot revoke it. To revoke it may require the signature of all the principals. If the execution of a POA is by several executors then it is revocable by a single principle.
  • If the power of attorney is issued to two or more attorneys then if one attorney can withdraw from his duties. In such cases the right rights of other attorneys do not come to an end then other attorneys can continue the duties.
  • When a company or a firm gives Power of Attorney to a person. The dissolution of that company or firm is a way to revoke the power of attorney automatically.

Power of Attorney Drafting Services in the UAE

Drafting of a power of attorney can be a difficult task especially if you are not aware of the legalities of the case. If you want a legal notice for cancellation of power of attorney in Dubai, take the help of HHS Lawyers. we are here to help you to assist in the best possible ways. We deliver the best possible results to our clients and also address your needs irrespective of whether you are an individual or an organization. Contact us today for further consultation

When do you require a power of attorney?

POA is a power given to someone to authorize the posers on the behalf of the principal to the attorney.

Doe s a POA continue after the death of the principal?

The power of attorney gets invalid after the death of the principal. However, the principle can assign power to some other person.

What happens when POA disagrees with the principal?

When an attorney disagrees with the decision made by the principal then in such case the court can make a fair decision on behalf of both the parties.

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