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Process to Check Interpol VIN

VIN number is a seventeen digit number which is used to track a particular vehicle that is lost or used for illegal use. There is a unique number for each vehicle purchased; this can be tracked by uploading that number in the particular site of INTERPOL. The description of the vehicle will be uploaded by using such a unique number.

The unique features of a car will be displayed through this number. This information may help to search the details of the vehicle and about the car.

Procedures to check VIN

Some of the places where you can find the VIN number

  • Document used for Vehicle registration has the details of the VIN number.
  • There is a plate that is permanently situated inside the of the car

Chassis plate. This plate is situated around the front seat of a car. VIN can also be found stamped on the engine compartment on the right wheel well on the right side of the support frame.

It is very important to keep an awareness about the VIN number and many car dealers put his number in the advertisements.

What is Interpol Red Notice

Where to check the VIN

Using Interpol databases

This place can check almost all types of vehicles. There is a search box used for the identification of VIN. This number once entered can help to get the full description of a vehicle. All the important reading regarding the vehicle is entered into this database.

Importance of Vehicle Identification Number

Preventing car theft

This also helps to prevent car theft that is very easy for criminals and hackers through technological advancements which can now intercept through highly advanced sites of technology.


This is a major concern in some of the parts of the world .this is a major attack for the owner of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from this carjacking.

Preventive measures if your vehicle is stolen

  • In case if you see the car getting stolen don’t try to stop the person physically instead contact the police immediately
  • Report the theft as soon as possible. Vehicles that are stolen can be used for criminal activities
  • Never accept any attempt at blackmail or business offers from criminals in order to regain your vehicle. It is better to address the police in case of any criminal activity
  • Better to be prepared: Always be prepared about the information about your vehicle number (VIN) or any other features.
  • Have a check on distinguishing marks on the car.

Crimes related to vehicle are only effective when the administrative department continuously have a track on such criminal activities. INTERPOL has always been keen on reporting crimes and abolishing criminals from the country.

The team in UAE has been effectively working all the police departments and also ensures to protect the safety of all the members of the community.

The team at HHS Lawyers has vast knowledge about Interpol regulation and proceedings in UAE. We have a team of litigators that have broad expertise allowing them to build a strong and comprehensive petition. We have a particular experience regarding VIN identification issued by UAE.

Crimes Detected by INTERPOL?

Interpol also monitors and fights against human trafficking, the smuggling and sale of illegal drugs, money laundering, environmental crime, fraud, and intellectual property crimes. Any theft and trafficking of any stolen things is an international crime.

What are the Powers of INTERPOL?

This organization is available in 194 countries. The main objective is to assist law enforcement agencies around the world in combating all forms of transnational crime and terrorism.

Who has the Power to Control INTERPOL?

INTERPOL has his control of some of the departments in the US for handling all the criminal related case and absconding persons.

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