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What is Interpol Red Notice

INTERPOL requests the red notice to be issued worldwide to locate and arrest the criminals pending extradition, surrender. Red notices are very significant in administration departments of INTERPOL.

The INTERPOL publishes the red notices and requesting the country for seeking help to find out the wanted criminals. no state is obliged to follow to arrest based on red notice this is just an informal system to inform the other countries about the criminal.

Some of the common information issued by red notices are as follows:

  • The details of the most wanted criminals by their physical looks, date, nationality, complexion, eye color, height and fingerprints if available.
  • Information related to the crime that is wanted for which can typically be murder rape child abuse or armed robbery.

Examination required for issuing a red notice

This type of notices is issued and is checked and examined by a special force to be compliant with the rules. This examination also includes the information available at the time of publication.

If any new information regarding the wanted person has been brought into Atten ton of General Secretariat after a Red Notice has been issued, the special force reexamines the case

People who are subject to Interpol red notice

  • A Red Notice can be issued by Interpol at the request of a member country for individuals sought for prosecution or to serve a sentence.
  • Any person should be considered innocent until the law proves him guilty for any crime suspect to be committed by him.
  • The crime for which they are sought must be a serious crime, considered as such in most countries. An Interpol Red Notice can also be issued when the individuals have already been convicted and are sought for serving a sentence in jail.

Information’s provided for requesting removal of a red notice

Interpol will have to check the aspects of the case, whether the case is related to ‘political’, ‘human rights’ and/or ‘civil’ aspects of a case against the ‘ordinary-law’. It also considers whether all the red notices comply with the rules of the constitution and regulation of INTERPOL. If any person is willing to get himself removed from the list of INTERPOL, he must inform the decision and the relevant aspects of the case. All the information should be detailed and shared with INTERPOL.

The information to be shared with Interpol are as follows;

  • The nature of the offence
    What are the charges and underlying facts about the offence for example; is the accusation about organizing a riot, but in fact, you participated in a peaceful political protest.
  • The status of the person concerned
    the personal identity of the person charged of offence.
  • Source of data should be identified
    The details of the office should be provided with valid evidence. The details such as the decision of the court regarding other cases or other human rights organizations.
  • The summary of the case
    the notices can be issued by civil as well, like criminal cases, it is better to prove the evidence regarding any suspected crime.
  • Risk of torture
    in case of any risk or any torcher also try to provide the information and evidence. There are many reports from international organizations and courts saying that some people are at risk of torcher. If any person has granted protection from the country because of such risks then valid evidence should be provided proving such threats.

Our Criminal Lawyers have a vast knowledge of Interpol’s main regulation and of the proceedings before the Commission for Control of Files. Our litigators have broad expertise allowing them to build strong and comprehensive petitions against abusive red notices issued by Interpol member States. We have a particular experience regarding Red Notices issued by middle eastern countries in financial disputes and politically motivated cases.

What is the importance of red notices?

These are notices that inform the other countries about any wanted criminals. the police of other countries can help to find such criminals to support the offices to find the wanted persons.

Is it important to report the wanted criminals to INTERPOL?

This system is a voluntary system and does not force any country to arrest someone on the basis of a red notice. The member country decides to issue a red notice if any person is suspected of a crime and can be very dangerous the society or country.

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