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Legal drafting of vehicle power of attorney in the UAE: what you must know?

With a Vehicle Power Of Attorney, you may give another individual the authority to handle matters relating to your vehicle on your behalf. In the UAE, a vehicle Power Of Attorney may be used to purchase, sell, import, and export a car and register, renew, and get a number plate for a vehicle. Typically, expatriates leaving the UAE may utilize a vehicle Power Of Attorney to ask their friends to sell their car for them.

A vehicle power of attorney allows anybody to serve as an agent. In a vehicle power of attorney, you may choose our legal expert as your reliable representative. Our Legal Experts at the HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants are competent to serve as your dedicated agents to carry out all transactions per your instructions. 

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?  

A Power Of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that appoints a specific person to act on behalf of another. A POA grants the Agent or attorney-in-fact the power to act in the principal’s place. The principal’s property, money, investments, and medical care may be subject to the Agent’s decision-making, which may be granted extensive or restricted discretion.

Three Important Steps involved in the Vehicle Power of Attorney

  • Create the Vehicle Power Of Attorney 

The first step is to create the Vehicle Power of Attorney in English and get the vehicle owner’s approval before proceeding. The legal translators authorized by the UAE Ministry of Justice convert the English document into Arabic once the owner approves. The owner is then given three original copies of the printed vehicle power of attorney Dubai so that it may be notarized, which is the following step. Choosing a reputable firm that provides the best legal drafting services is always advisable.

  • Sign it in front of a Notary Public.

You must go to a UAE notary public to sign your Vehicle power of attorney at this phase. The notarization of a power of attorney is another name for this procedure. The Vehicle Power of Attorney must be signed or notarized in person before a notary public. The notary public does not need your Agent to be present.

The notary public will notarize the Vehicle Power of Attorney upon your signature, return two (2) originals to you, and promptly stamp and register one (1) original in the court’s official records. A power of attorney will then be able to be used by your Agent lawfully when this is completed.

  • Payment of the fees

Registering a power of attorney at the notary public is finished after the required fee has been paid.

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Advantages of Vehicle Power Of Attorney

In the United Arab Emirates, a vehicle power of attorney has the benefits listed below:

  1. In the UAE, a vehicle power of attorney is used to handle the responsibilities related to a vehicle in the absence of a vehicle owner
  2. The vehicle owner can choose a reliable agency to look after his vehicle
  3. In the UAE, any vehicle, such as a car, truck, motorbike, bus, etc., may be covered by a vehicle power of attorney
  4. With the help of a vehicle power of attorney, owners may delegate the duties they want to hand on to the Agent
  5. A vehicle POA reduces the worry of car owners
  6. One vehicle POA may be used to provide all authority about a vehicle
  7. You may grant a vehicle POA for a limited or unlimited period
  8. Vehicle POAs are accepted by all branches of the UAE government, banks, and service providers. With only one document, you can efficiently complete all of your transactions.

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How to execute a Vehicle Power of Attorney outside the United Arab Emirates?

It is not required that the person (referred to as the “principal”) within the UAE sign any power of attorney before it may be utilized in the UAE. Even if the principal signs a power of attorney outside of the UAE, it might become enforceable there.

A power of attorney must go through the legality and verification processes in the country of origin and the UAE if you want to sign it outside of the UAE and use it within the UAE.

Step 1: Procedure to be completed in the country of origin

The following procedure must be completed outside of the UAE before the next step may begin with a power of attorney being brought within the UAE.

  1. You (the principal) must first sign a power of attorney in front of a notary public of your Home country (the nation where you are now residing).
  2.  After a power of attorney has been signed before a notary public, it must be confirmed by the minister of foreign affairs (or a comparable government agency) in the same nation.
  3.  You must have the power of attorney approved by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the home Country. 
  4. Depending on a power of attorney and whether it is a personal or a commercial/company document, the notary public fee and the government charge for the procedure mentioned above may change.

Step 2: Procedure inside the UAE

A power of attorney may be brought into the UAE to finish the authentication procedure once the step 1 is finished. As part of this level, you must do the following actions:

  1. You must first have a power of attorney certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. The UAE Ministry of Justice’s approved legal translators must translate a power of attorney into Arabic once it has received the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs seal of approval.
  3. To authenticate the Arabic translation after it has been finished, you must obtain a Power Of Attorney stamped by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

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How Should a Power of Attorney Be Prepare in the UAE?

All necessary paperwork must be ready before writing a power of attorney. Various powers of attorney could have particular or extra criteria. However, firms that provide legal drafting services in the UAE can help you with the necessary steps.

A typing service can finish the actual Power of Attorney, which must be written in Arabic and English. Following that, the Dubai Courts will prepare the stamping and attestation.

Best Legal Drafting Firm in the UAE for POA

HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants provide legal drafting services in the UAE. You may get assistance from our Dubai lawyers in creating the necessary paperwork and navigating the legal system. To competently write legal documents like agreements and contracts, lawyers have a particular set of legal writing skills. The legal drafting services offered by HHS Lawyers in Dubai include drafting a vehicle power of attorney, a memorandum of association, articles of association etc.

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