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Rights of Women in UAE Labour Law

What is Labor Law

Labor law is a central law of government which is applicable to every UAE emirate as well as imposed by the Ministry of Social Affair and Labour, with all the litigations formally judged by the Local and Central Courts of the UAE.

This Law in UAE is applicable to all workers and the staff who is labouring in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in case if they are UAE nationals or exiles. Though, couples of classes as specified beneath have been exempted from its pertinence.

  1. Employees and workers hired by the Federal government which includes organizations of
    • Part emirates
    • Community bodies
    • Municipalities
    • Local and federal communal institutions
  2. Associates of police, security units, and equipped forces
  3. Agricultural workers
  4. Private helpers

Features of Labor Law

The Labor Law in the UAE covers all parts of manager worker connections, including business contracts, limitations on work of adolescents and ladies, support of records and documents, leave rules, therapeutic and social care, wellbeing of representatives, working hours, train codes, end of business contracts, end-of-employment benefits, pay for word related ailments, punishments and work-related mishaps, work investigations, wounds and fatalities.

Independent section for Women

Labor law of UAE is particularly providing a split section which includes the rights of Women. Women Employment / Service in UAE is ruled by UAE Labour Law, in Section 3 and Section 4 along with Articles 27 all the way through Article 34. These include the Rights of Women in accumulation to the remains of the UAE Labour Law.

Rights of Women as mentioned in Labor Law

Article 27: Working Hours

    • Women need not work at night shift
    • ‘Night’ means the duration of continuous eleven hours from 10 PM-7 AM

Article 28: Excluded from the ban of women working at night

    • When the work in the organization is closed due to force majeure
    • Labor is responsible for technical and managerial jobs
    • Employed in medicine and other duties as might be determined by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs on the off chance that the working lady does not regularly complete a manual occupation

 Article 29: Restricted to employ in the hazardous role

    • Not allowed to work in a hazardous place, unsafe or harmful to health
    • Additionally, different employments dictated by the excellence of a choice issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs upon the meeting of the competent experts might not be permitted

Article 30: Maternity leave with full wages

    • Working women are entitled to 45 days maternity leave with full pay if they have been working for more than one year.
    • Women who have not completed one year is entitled to the same maternity leave, but with half pay only.

Article 31: Two additional breaks per day

    • During the 18 months following your delivery, and if you are nursing your child, you are entitled to two additional breaks each day. Neither should exceed half an hour.
    • No deduction from your salary as these additional breaks should be considered as working hours

Article 32: Equivalent wage as the male worker

Female workers will get the same pay as their male colleague if working in the same position

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