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What you need to know about the New UAE Visas

The new five-year Green residence program, a multiple-entry tourist visa, and entrance permits for job seekers are just a few changes to residency laws . These new UAE Visas and entrance permits are a part of the most significant immigration, and residence changes the UAE has ever implemented.

Visitors and foreign nationals who live and work in the UAE will profit significantly from the new system. For foreigners and wealthy people wishing to establish a long-term presence in the UAE, this will make the Emirates a more welcoming nation for investors. These new executive rules concerning admission and residency legislation will take effect 90 days from the day they were published in the Official Gazette, according to a UAE Cabinet decision made public in mid-April.

New UAE visas rules

The UAE cabinet has adopted the executive rules of the Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners to boost the UAE’s position as an excellent place to live, work, and invest.

The UAE has now enlarged the categories for Golden Visas, which will take effect in September 2022, and has launched around ten kinds of entrance visas, residency permits, and other documents. The new entrance and residency system has been implemented to draw in and keep talented employees from all over the globe, increase the job market’s flexibility and competitiveness, and promote a high level of stability among UAE citizens and their families.

Introduction of New UAE Visas Types

This list of April’s announced visas might be seen below. Many of them will go into effect starting next month, while some of them have already been introduced:

  1. A multiple-entry tourist visa

Without a sponsor, a person may enter the UAE for up to 90 days on a new five-year multi-entry tourist visa, which can also be renewed for an additional 90 days. With this tourist visa, a person may remain for up to 180 days. Before applying, the applicant’s bank account should have had at least $4,000 (Dh14 700) or its equivalent in foreign currencies.

  1. Business visa

Investors and businesspeople may apply for a business visa without a host or sponsor. Visa to visit family/friends: If a foreigner is a relative or friend of a UAE national or resident, they may apply for this Visa. A sponsor or host is not necessary for this.

  1. Temporary work visa

Applicants for this Visa must have a temporary work assignment, such as a probationary period or project-based employment. Candidates must provide evidence of fitness, a temporary employment contract, or a letter from the employer.

  1. Visa for study or training

This Visa is intended for individuals or students who want to enroll in training programs, academic courses, or internships. Educational and research institutions in the public and business sectors may sponsor applicants for this Visa. It needs a letter from the organization outlining the specifics of the study, training, or internship program, as well as how long it will last.

  1. Family visa

Until recently, only parents could apply to sponsor their minor children. Up to the age of 25, male youngsters may now be sponsored. Children with disabilities also get a special visa, and single daughters may be sponsored indefinitely.

  1. Job visa

To investigate employment chances in the UAE, job seekers may use this new UAE Visa. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization’s first, second, and third skill levels, and holders of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, recent graduates from the world’s top 500 universities, and those in these categories, will all be eligible for this Visa, which will not require a sponsor or host.

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  1. The green Visa

Without a sponsor or employment, these five-year visa holders are permitted to bring their families with them. Skilled employees, independent contractors, freelancers, etc., may apply for this Visa. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and a starting salary of 15,000 dirhams are further necessary.

  1. A Golden Visa

Several professional categories and investors looking to enjoy the highest standard of living in the UAE permanently have been granted Golden Visas by the UAE. Here is a list of the many categories for Golden Visas:

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  • Real estate

To qualify for the Visa, real estate investments of at least Dh2 million must be made. Investors can purchase off-plan and mortgaged real estate if their combined total investment is Dh2 million or more.

  • Startups

Entrepreneurs may now apply for a Golden Visa under one of three conditions:

  1. Their startup must be registered in the nation.
  2. They must fall under an SME.
  3. Their annual turnover must be Dh1 million or more.
  • Scientists

A PhD or Master’s degree in life sciences, natural sciences, technology, or engineering from a prestigious institution is required for those skilled in their profession to be eligible to apply for a Golden Visa.

  • Exceptional talent

Golden Visas are available to applicants with remarkable skills in the arts, sciences, digital technology, sports, innovation, medicine, and law. A letter of recommendation or permission from the relevant government body is required.

  • Skilled Workers

The applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree, a current job contract, a line of work that falls within occupational level one or two as established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, and a monthly income of at least Dh30,000.

  • Students

Outstanding students who have excelled in UAE secondary schools and colleges or attend one of the top 100 institutions in the world may apply for the Golden Visa.

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