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How to Cancel A Power of Attorney in Dubai

A power of attorney is a legal authorization to act on someone else’s behalf as the agent in the matters that are specified in the legal document.

Depending on a person’s particular requirement, a power of attorney can handle a broad scope of matters.  In real estate, a Power of Attorney is often used when one or both the parties (owners or management) are unavailable and they need someone to represent them to finalize the property transaction on their behalf.  Having a POA is usually the most practical way of getting documents signed so that they do not have to spend the expense or experience inconvenience of having to take care of everything personally.

Revocation of power of attorney

In UAE, you can officially cancel a legal power of attorney with the help of the revocation of power of attorney form wherein you can officially declare the end of the validity of a power of attorney.

Revocation of power of attorney is a legal document in which you can nullify the power of attorney that you have previously given. Some of the reason to revoke a power of attorney are as follows:

Appointing a new agent

If you do not want your present agent to work for you, you no longer trust your agent to act in your best interests, or you are no longer close to your agent and are uncomfortable sharing your thoughts with the person, you may want to appoint a new attorney. However, this entails going through the process of canceling the existing POA.

You found a more suitable person to act as an agent
This is one of the other reasons to cancel the power of attorney. If you want to appoint a new agent because you’ve found another person who you would rather make important decisions on your behalf, then the POA for the current agent must be canceled.

Your present agent isn’t qualified anymore

Often your health, lifestyle or financial circumstances may change or you may find that your agent is no longer capable of handling your affairs. In such a case, the POA has to be canceled.

Your agent is never available
Sometimes you may end up appointing an agent who may not be available because he travels a lot or because he no longer lives in your city. The reason for the unavailability of your agent is a valid cause to cancel or change your power of attorney.

One of your agents has died
Many people choose to appoint more than one agent for their financial decisions and also specify that both the agent has to take all decisions jointly. In such situations wherein one of the agents dies, then you may need to appoint a new agent in their place or cancel the power of attorney document altogether.

Steps to Cancel Power of Attorney

  1. Seek the help of a lawyer who can write a notice revoking your POA. These are not a legal document you must file with the court, so you have some leeway as who you hire
  2. Complete the revocation form. check your identity and specifically state that you are revoking your power of attorney and the powers you granted to the person you named in it. Include the date of your POA.
  3. Complete the form and two witnesses and take it to a notary public. It important that the witnesses have photo IDs with you.
  4. Mention the word “revoked” in large, dark letters on your power of attorney. Make copies of your POA, as well as your notice to revoke it. Attach a copy of revoked POA to each of your revocation forms.
  5. Mail a copy of your revocation notice with the attached revoked POA to the person whose power you’re revoking. Send copies to all institutions, banks and health care providers you authorized the agent deal with. Make a certified mail and return receipt requested, so you have proof that each person or entity received it.

Other than through revocation, a POA can also end if

  • There is an end date on the a POA which has been reached
  • The person who granted the POA loses their mental capacity
  • The person who granted the POA dies
  • The death of the agent
  • The incapacity of the agent

Authorization through a POA should be given to someone you trust without hesitation. Depending on the words used in the POA, the person you select will have access to and be able to make decisions about your health, home, business affairs, personal property, and financial accounts.

Power of Attorney Drafting Services in UAE

You may name more than one person to act as your agent and ask that they work together. If you wish to cancel your power of attorney in Dubai, contact HHS Lawyers we are here to assist you in the best possible ways. Our solutions are delivered by experienced lawyers who can address your needs irrespective of whether you are an individual or an organization. Contact us today for further consultation.

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