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Where to Attest Documents

Attestation in UAE

Attesting certain documents is very important for the sake of gaining official recognition of the documents. There are different cases in which the person may need the attested documents and if not, the documents will not be recognized. Sometimes, not only the UAE residents need attestation services, but also the expats. Yes, expats can also attest their documents in UAE by taking MOFA attestation services.

What is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of authenticating a document and checking it by the concerned and the authorized departments. In this process, the documents are verified to be genuine. This is a very important part of the government process because it verifies the documents to be genuine. This is such a time consuming as well as a tiring task. If there appears any mistake, the process may get delayed and it can also cause delays in the company formation in UAE and the other similar processes. This can become costly as well if delayed. That is why it is important to complete the whole process without any mistake in the first time or else the things may get complicated. This is one of the reasons why taking attestation services is preferred over carrying out the whole task on your own.

Expats living in UAE need to get the help of the ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) for attestation of documents. This office will stamp the documents of your country. The main reason behind attestation from MOFA is that it makes the documents to get accepted by the government in UAE for any sort of processing. If you are planning to sponsor your wife or husband or family member to UAE, you would need to submit different papers. For providing these papers to the employer, you must get all of the papers attested from MOFA.

There are two ways by which you can attest the documents. You can either take the attestation services in UAE or go to MOFA office by yourself.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation Dubai

The process of attesting the documents through MOFA is quite long. That is why a lot of people take attestation services in Dubai for attestation processes. Although the process is long, there is no other way to verify the authenticity of the documents. There may be some documents that may not get accepted as they first need to get attested by your own country. In such a case, the staff or the firm you are taking services from will inform you about the further steps

Documents which need to be attested in MOFA

Marriage certificate attestation

These are the documents which can be attested by taking the MOFA services;

  • Transcripts
  • University diploma
  • Birth certificate attestation
  • Government documents

The expats must attest to the documents issued in their home country, first by the UAE Embassy in their home country. If there is no UAE Embassy in any country, it can be attested by the UAE Embassy in the neighboring country or the nearest one. MOFA will not attest such a document without being attested by the UAE Embassy first. After getting the MOFA seal, your documents will get authenticated and the seal will show that your documents have been verified in UAE. Because of this, you become able to submit the documents in UAE for any purpose.

Location of MOFA in Dubai

MOFA office is located in front of the Ansar gallery situated in Karama. This is basically for those people who have little or no idea about MOFA. By taking their help, you can attest your country documents here in Dubai quite easily. The services they offer are quite efficient so you can get your documents attested in very less time. The fee is quite less so if you think you won’t be able to afford it, do not worry because the feed rate is quite low.

You can visit their office on your own and attest the documents. For that, you must be sure that you have completed all the requirements for attestation. If not, the process may take more time than usual. So, be mindful of the whole process beforehand.

Get help with attestation expert

Professional attestation services can decrease your burden to a great extent. The attestation services in UAE may take a lot of your stress away as they will carry out all the requirements for you on your behalf. They know all the necessary procedures required for the process of attestation. Another important feature of the service is that there won’t be any delays or extra costs if you take the services of an attestation firm. They will minimize the chance of errors to zero which will make the process even efficient.

HHS lawyers and legal consultants assist the people in the best manner and also offers the best attestation services for the legalization of the documents. There can be nothing better because they are quite professional in providing such services. They have trusted employees which have attestation expertise.

In case, you want more information about HHS lawyers and legal consultants, you can easily contact them. They will guide you about each and everything in quite a good way regarding foreign affairs attestation Dubai and more.

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