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Private Notary Services

What is Notary Public? Difference between Public and Private Notary Services

Even the simplest thing about the law may sound complicated to the ears of someone who does not deal with the law on a daily basis. When it comes to legal matters, there is a lot that we are admittedly not familiar with especially because we do not practice any field in that area. That is why this article will discuss the meanings of a notary in general and two of its types, which are a public notary and private notary services.

What is Notary in a Nutshell?

A notary is an individual that is appointed by the government and is also known as a “notary public” by some people. It is the responsibility of a notary to be a neutral party or witness when it comes to signing a legal document. Any prejudice of a notary towards a person’s religion, race, sex, or nationality shall not be tolerated as this is done for the benefit of everyone.

Some of the examples of documents that most likely need a notary to witness a signing are power of attorney, affidavits, wills, real estate deeds. These important documents are needed to be overseen by an authorized individual to prevent fraud from happening.

Fun Facts About Notary That You’d Want to Know

  1. Notaries were known as scribes before in ancient Egypt.
  2. A Roman slave called Tito in the ancient Roman empire was the first known notary.
  3. Mark Twain was also a notary before.
  4. It was not permissible for women to be notaries not until the 1900s.
  5. A non-profit organization called the National Notary Association has been an aid to individuals since 1957 in becoming notaries.

Explaining Notary Public in Brief

A notary public is simply a public officer who is authorized to act as a witness for signing legal documents. These people ensure that documents are overseen by them, making sure that fraud is avoided. They are responsible for administering oaths as well as take statutory declarations, handle acknowledgement of deeds, and execute other duties that are stated in the law of the jurisdiction where a certain notary is appointed in.

What Do You Need to Know About Private Notary services?

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are law firms that are regulated by the government to act as notaries. Only public officials were permitted to do this before in Dubai but lawyers in Dubai are now allowed to provide private notary services Dubai to people in the UAE.

Because of the Dubai government’s continuous goal to make its growing community be more comfortable in doing the needed things in their daily life in the Emirate, they have simplified the procedures with regard to notary services and the transactions associated with it. The processing of this shall be done online through a website linked to the Dubai Court.

Important Notes About Private Notary Services

  1. In the UAE, the Dubai Courts have certain documents that they have authorized private notaries to notarize. There are cases, therefore, that people would ask for their private documents to be notarized or certified and such but to no avail, because those papers are not included in what the Dubai Courts have granted to private notaries.
  2. It is important that people who wish for their documents to be notarized should legally translate their documents into Arabic. There are authorized translation services available in Dubai.
  3. The relevant government authority of a certain country where documents are from should be the one to attest them and the appropriate government authority in the UAE consequently when the aforementioned documents are to be used to support a notarization transaction.
  4. Private notaries in Dubai is only able to notarize a Declaration of Residency for the Emirate of Dubai and nowhere else.

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