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All you need to know about public and Private Notary in UAE

Government Notary Services and Notary Public in Dubai

The Notary Public shall be deemed to be all those. Who is accredited by the Chamber or assigned to perform specific legal tasks, including the ratification of the documents? In the Arab countries, the notary works from the seat of the court. In the UAE, the notary public acts as the head of the court but from outside of the court. The state has taken extensive steps to develop and facilitate the mechanism of providing notary services. To facilitate authentication and attestation services at the notary offices or at the client’s home. Recently, courts in the United Arab Emirates have authorized many lawyers in Dubai to practice the profession of private notary public from their offices, making it easier for the public to receive service in accordance with the mechanisms and timetables that meet the aspirations and needs of many businessmen and the public.

A notary from A Legal Perspective

Article (1) of Law No. (11) for the year 2017 defines the notary public (as defined in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi). As anyone who is accredited by the Chamber, authorized to document and certify the customary documents. And all the powers specified in this law. The Judicial Department of the state is the one who authorizes the Chamber to practice the work of the notary public in its constituency, whether in public interest or in services of employees.

The Notary Public of Dubai (notary of Dubai, notary of Abu Dhabi, Notary of the Dubai Courts) is responsible for documenting the documents or requesting their relevant documentation, as well as ratifying the signatures of the concerned parties at their request. The notary public also documents and certifies all the declarations required by the law or requested by the concerned parties. The notary shall also put the executive version on the notarized editor in accordance with the provisions of the Notary Public Law. The documents are required not to be contrary to the law or the public order or in the competence of another party.

Private Notary Services Dubai

Privatization of Notary Services is one of the latest initiatives of the Government of Dubai. In line with Dubai’s development, the state government is also promoting the Smart Government transformation process. This will have a positive impact on the business sector in Dubai and provide more efficient solutions for customers to conduct transactions faster and electronically.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, as Ruler of Dubai, issued the “Notary Public Law in Dubai No. 4 of 2013“.

The law stipulates that a department of the notary public shall be established at the headquarters of the Dubai Courts. A decision by the head of the courts may establish branches in Dubai whenever the need arises.

The law stipulates that the person appointed as a public notary must be a national of the UAE. In case of need, the director of the courts may exempt any Arab citizen from this condition, provided that his experience as a notary public shall not be less than ten years. The law also requires for such to hold a bachelor’s degree in law, Sharia law or equivalent from a university or Recognized Institutes in the UAE.

The law prohibits the notary public from his duties and powers stipulated in this law before taking the legal oath. The Act gave the Notary Public the powers to attest and to document all kinds of bonds and contracts.

The law also stipulates that the notary public shall authenticate any transaction relating to the personal status of Muslims or the waqf, and ratify any transaction relating to the establishment of a property right or any real right to a property, transfer, change or demise, which is valid in Dubai, shall be documented or authenticated by another authority and any transaction that he or his spouse or any of his relatives have made up to the fourth degree of apparent or hidden benefit, or the election of any expert or interpreter and authorizing others to function on their behalf.

The law prohibits the notary public from transferring any records, documents, papers or other official papers from their place of business except by a decision of the President of the Court or the competent court, as the case may be, or to include any of them in a file of a foreseeable case without the Court’s approval.

The Duties of Notary Public Dubai

A private notary Dubai certifies the texts, attest a company’s contract, attest marriage contract, attest a partnership agreement, attest a sale and purchase agreement, attest a trade contract, attest a contract, attest a meeting record, attest a certificate of birth and the ratification of the will.

The Notary’s Transmission of a Transaction Outside His or Her Official Residence

The law permits the transfer of the notary public outside his official residence. Transactions at the relevant premises may be conducted by transaction holders who have conditions that prevent them from having a personal presence at the Notary Public Administration or its branches mentioned above.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, issued Decree No. (4) of 2014 on the adoption of fees

And fines relating to the notary public in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Electronic Service of The Notary Public in Dubai

The electronic notary services in Dubai aim to shorten the time and effort through advanced electronic procedures to execute transactions through the Dubai Courts website. Where the customer enters the data of the parties and attach the required documents and electronic payment and then set a date to meet with the notary to sign and terminate the process of ratification of the treatment within minutes.

The official language for the approval of transactions must be Arabic. In addition, only service requests are paid electronically.

Where is the Main and Branches of Notary in Dubai And Notary in Abu Dhabi?

The headquarters and branches of notary public near me in Dubai are located at the following locations:

Dubai Courts – Economic Department Branch – Al Barsha Branch – and Al Twar Branch

The Abu Dhabi Notary and branches are located at the following locations:

Abu Dhabi Courts – and branches of a notary public in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Distributed by population distribution and the distance between branches

One of the most important offices in the UAE that provides the services of the private notary is HHS Lawyers, a law firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah that provides the services of a private notary from their office or from the client’s office if asked to move to their place of residence under certain legally allowed conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the application section under the notary services of the Dubai Courts website includes all the documents and demands related to the operations. The ratification of contracts, the ratification of declarations and the ratification of agencies and the issuance of legal alerts and administrative services, all assisting information is available there. Take help from advocates in Dubai for any legal assistance.

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