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How to get a divorce in Dubai? Divorce Procedures in UAE

Divorce in UAE is governed by UAE law/sharia law. There are different methods and jurisdiction to be considered for Muslims and non-Muslims when applying for a divorce in UAE. In this article we highlight the basic procedures for divorce followed as per UAE laws.

Methods of Divorce in Dubai UAE

  • For Muslim

The husband or wife has to write or say, ‘Talaq’ (I divorce you in Arabic) in the presence of a witness. For a divorce to be legally recognized it should be registered in the court for any documentary evidence to have relied on in the future.

  • For Non-Muslim

File an application for divorce in the court. After filing a divorce case the parties to the dispute will be referred to Family Guidance Center for reconciliation. If they fail to settle the dispute the case is referred to the Court of First Instance.

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Types of Divorce in Sharia Law

  • Revocable: The parties will be allowed to maintain a valid marriage until the conclusion of the waiting period of 3 months.
  • Irrevocable: The marriage ends as soon as the divorce has happened.

Valid Reasons for Divorce Include

  • Divorce due to defects
  • Divorce due to deceit
  • Nonpayment of dowry
  • Harm or dispute
  • Lack of financial support
  • Divorce due to the absence of one party
  • Divorce due to desertion.

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Procedure to file Divorce

  • Filling the case

When a couple decides to divorce the first step is to File a complaint under Personal Status Courts.

  • Attend the Counselling

Court gives the date to attend the counseling under the Family Guidance Center. The purpose of the Family Guidance Committee is to reconcile the dispute between the parties before separating them. The counselors in the Family Guidance Committee are not legally trained but have experience in Mediation. They meet both the parties and if they feel there cannot be any conciliation then the matter is referred to court.

  • Amicable settlement

Amicable divorces are concluded at this stage. Parties will need to draft a settlement on the parties’ mutual understanding at this stage.

  • Referred to court

If one of the parties or both of them insist on divorce then the case will be referred before the court to conclude their divorce.

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Child Maintenance

The court will consider the standard of living of the child experienced during the marriage to determine the appropriate level of child custody. Below mentioned are few child maintenance expenses claimed by wife:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rent of housing
  • Schooling
  • Career allowance, this figure depends on the husband’s income.

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Divorce Lawyers Dubai

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