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E-Filing of Trademark Infringement Cases in Dubai: New IP Gateway

The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced the launch of an ‘Intellectual Property Gateway’, a first-of-its-kind electronic gateway in the region, for receiving trademark infringement complaints via the DED website. 

The Dubai Economy’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) department has recently released a revised version of its “IP Gateway,” an online platform for accessing services connected to trademark and commercial agency infringement cases.

What is an IP Gateway?

The IP Gateway seeks to safeguard intellectual property rights by enabling company owners to quickly and easily initiate lawsuits involving their Trademarks and Agencies through the mobile application and website. It is accessible in five distinct languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Japanese, which enables people from all over the globe to use our services without having to go to Dubai or visit DED facilities.

Functions of IP Gateway

Its primary purpose is to automate all IP-related processes, from receiving complaints and opening files through receiving field officer reports and sending them to trademark owners. By September 2016, the site had started accepting complaints. It is established to accept trademark infringement complaints through the department’s website. On behalf of brand owners, the IP Gateway enables attorneys to monitor cases and complaints electronically. The new e-service replaces the old method, which required complaints to be filed in person. It intends to reduce paperwork and streamline the processing of complaints and notifications related to DED proactive inspections.

Features of latest IP Gateway

  1. The IP Gateway is part of Dubai Economy’s initiatives to boost corporate competitiveness. It provides 24/7 intellectual property (IP) protection services to trademark owners and commercial agencies located anywhere globally without requiring them to visit a service center.
  2. It is available in the form of portal on the company’s website and as an innovative application which can be downloaded from the Apple, Google, or Huawei app stores.
  3. It provides services in five languages: Arabic, English, Japanese, French, and Italian.
  4. All IP Gateway transactions are handled intelligently, without the client having to visit Dubai Economy.
  5. The most recent edition of the portal includes several enhancements and advanced functions that seek to provide consumers with more value and pleasure.
  6. The site will show improved speed, and efficiency in processing submitted cases and will maintain an automated record of all closed cases for the benefit of consumers.

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How is IP Gateway useful for trademark owners?

  1. Protects the rights of Intellectual Property Owners 
    The Intellectual Property Protection Department within the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector of the Dubai Economy is committed to protecting the rights of intellectual property owners in Dubai through the IP Gateway, which is the world’s first of its kind.
  2. Simplified process
    Dubai Economy urges UAE-based owners of trademarks, intellectual property, and business agencies to register on the IP Gateway to safeguard their rights. Additionally, the new-look portal simplified navigation and addresses user issues that had been raised before.
  3. Ensure Achievement 
    It ensures the success and fulfilment of IP rights holders in Dubai. 
  4. Created with TRADE best Practice Benchmarking Approach
    The new IP Gateway improvements based upon the TRADE best practices benchmarking approach. This approach would serve as a springboard for government organizations to develop new skills and acquire new technologies and methods that would foster innovation and a more citizen-centric approach to government service delivery. The formation of the new IP Gateway is consistent with the Dubai Government’s directive to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  5. Offers Round the clock services
    Despite the difficulties presented by COVID-19, the IP Property Protection Department offered all of its services 24 hours a day through its smart channels and conducted required follow-up before addressing any problem without disrupting consumers.
  6. Conduct Inspections against IP Infringement
    One of the IP Gateway’s beneficial new features is that Trademark owners’ legal representatives’ electronically informed of goods/products seized by the DED. CCCP analyses market activity and performs periodic inspections as part of its vigilance against intellectual property infringement. Further, when appropriate, it notifies affected parties and seizes counterfeit goods. Legal representatives of brand owners will have the opportunity to inquire about temporarily seized goods/products and obtain additional information from the DED if the brand owner wishes to pursue the case and file a complaint against the trader who owned the infringing goods/products. 
  7. Provide Smart application format services
    In 2018, CCCP announced the introduction of the second version of its ‘IP Gateway,’ a smart application format for submitting trademark infringement complaints. The IP Gateway allows trademark owners and legal firms to submit complaints about infringements of intellectual property rights at any time and from any location. Additionally, complainants may pay prescribed costs, watch the DED’s investigation, monitoring, and confiscation procedures, and receive data and reports on the action, all via the app.

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Services offered by IP Gateway

IP Gateway provides the following services: 

  1. Trademark registration and protection, as well as file management for Trademarks and Agencies.
  2. Initiating Trademark or Agency actions.
  3. Payment of service fees.
  4. Conducting case studies and reviews.
  5. Obtaining inspection reports for the cases.

Should you know more about the DED offered IP Gateway services in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants. We will be glad to assist you.



M. Al Khatem

Trademark & Intellectual Property

M. Al Khatem is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) expert in HHS Lawyers. He has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.