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Private Notary Services Dubai

Private notary services are set to provide an attestation of some important document for official purposes. Privatization of Notary Services is a smart initiative by the Dubai government to promote rapid developments and providing the clients with friendly solutions to process their transactions, quickly and easily.

Private notary services at HHS Lawyers and legal consultants are recognized by relevant authorities. Our lawyers in UAE can provide an efficient and flexible notary service and help out clients to be in compliance with the legal requirements imposed by the authorities in Dubai

Private Notary Services

The term notary refers to a person who is accredited, authorized, or licensed by the Judicial Department to attest and notaries documents and to practice all of the functions concerning the Notary in UAE.

A private notary can notaries all the documents and records as required by the Law or as requested by a concerned party. The Notary Public can also attest and notaries all declarations and affirmations according to the provisions of the Law. Documents to be notarized must not be in contravention of the Law or against public order, and must not fall under the notary prohibitions, or under any other local jurisdiction, as prescribed in the law

Documents that are Notarized by private Notary service Dubai

Document notarization is a process of authenticating the documents in order to validate them. Private notary services are the authorized person who verifies the identity of everyone signing the document. There are few documents that are usually notarized either through a private notary in Dubai. The most common documents are listed below:

Memorandum of Association

This is most commonly used in setting up a business. It is a legal document that shows the relationship between the shareholders. During the formation and registration process of a company, this document is made. The purpose of this is to define the relationship between the limited liability company and the shareholders. The public can access MOA that shows a company’s name, shareholders’ names, share distribution, and address of the office. This is notarized when a company wants to expand in another country and that country’s authorities require an MOA. In order for that country to be sure that the MOA presented to them is true, it should be notarized.

Job Offer

This is a document that serves as an invitation for a job to someone. This paper contains the title of the position, salary, job description, work hours, date of start, and other things that the employer deems important to be mentioned in the job offer. An example of why someone would need a job offer to be notarized is when an individual loses his job and has a liability of paying a certain amount to a bank. Naturally, the bank would follow up and to avoid any escalation to legal matters, the person can present a proof that he will be able to pay in a month’s time because he will be starting with his new job.

Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney basically serves as written authorization for an individual to act on someone else’s behalf with regard to personal affairs and other things that are stated in the power of attorney.

Notary Public Dubai Power of Attorney

One example that people need to notarize this is when an authority wants to ensure that the paper is indeed true and not forged or fake. When someone is going to act and decide on things on behalf of someone else, the authorities take it seriously as there are repercussions on the part of them and the principal (granter of power). This is why the power of attorney is mostly asked to be notarized to serve as proof.

Academy Certificate

This kind of document is mostly needed in companies when employees are asked to submit proof of their educational achievements. Notarizing it will prove that the document is true.

Limitation of private notarization

Private Notaries are however restricted from notarizing the following documents some of them are

  • To notarize or authenticate any transaction related to the personal status of Muslims.
  • To notarization of any transaction related to the establishment, change, transfer or removal of a right of ownership or any right in-kind on a property.
  • To notarize or authenticate any transaction that includes a violation of applicable law, public ethics or public order

Notarization of the varied document and attested demand a lot of work and time. HHS lawyers and legal consultant can provide you with best private notary services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is good to know that these documents should be translated into Arabic before they are notarized

we ensure that our approach is always professional and is help or clients any situation.

Our services include

  • Document notarization and records as required by the law or as requested by a concerned party, authenticate signatures of concerned parties at their request,
  • Verify the date of customary documents.
  • Attesting and notarizing all declarations and affirmations.
  • Affixing the executive wording on any attested documents, according to the provisions of the law

If you are looking to notarize your documents you can speak to one of our lawyers. We will be glad to assist you.

Hazim Darwish

Hazim Darwish, is a Senior Partner of HHS Lawyers in UAE. Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on legal drafting, contract drafting, labor disputes, family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.